Woolworths Earn and Learn Program – Lego Robotics

Last year our school was involved in the Woolworths Earn and Learn Program.  Over 12,500 schools were involved in this program which asked school communities to collect stickers from their local Woolworths stores when they did their shopping.

Overall our school collected 70440 stickers and earned 500 bonus points.  The Leading Teachers were given the opportunity to use the points to purchase resources for the school from Modern Teaching Aides. It was decided we would use the points to purchase Lego Robotics resources to supplement the robots the school had already purchased, and enable a comprehensive program to run in 2013.


With the 70940 points we were able to purchase:

12 x Lego Mindstorms Education Base Sets (Robots)

1 x Multi-charger (to charge 8 Robots at a time)

3 x Lego Education Resource sets

1 x Lego Poster

1 x Classroom activities book for NXT Robots.


If we were to purchase these resources out of school funds, they would be valued at over $9500.00.  This is an outstanding effort by our whole school community and on behalf of the staff and students at Berwick Lodge Primary School I would like to thank you for all your assistance.


This means we now have enough Robots to run whole class Lego Robotics lessons with all students in grades 3 to 6.  Currently, I have been working with the students in last year’s Robotics team where we have been busily unpacking the new robots and constructing them.  Once all the robots have been constructed, each year level (grade 3 to 6) will have the opportunity to participate in the program.  In addition to this program some students will be selected to be in an extension Robotics group where they will have the opportunity to work with students from Glendal Primary School and participate in Robocup and the First Lego League competitions.


We will keep you updated with our progress and have a demonstration prepared for Open Night later in the year.  If you have any questions in regards to this program please don’t hesitate to come and see me.

Robotics Excursion

On Thursday 22nd November, 12 Grade 3/4 students visited Glendal Primary School for a Lego robotics excursion, the kids were Josh.B, Josh.D, Nick, Jeremy, Henna, Steph, Kav, Kyle, Lincoln, Ethan, Jamison and I, the adults that came with us were Miss Rapinett, Mr Grossek and Mrs Smethurst. 4 students went in each of the adult’s car. I went in Mr Grossek car, in his car was Nick, Jamison, Kav and I,  in the car we talked about Minecraft.

We departed around 11:00 and got there about 11:30, I waited for what seemed like 10 minutes, until everyone else came.  Then we went to their Science Building to talk with the Lego Robotics kids (which were all 5/6 kids), the allowed us to check out their robots. They told us about an annual Lego Mindstorms competition, that they were competing in. They showed us part of the competition, which was a board with lots of missions (some were walking the dog, quilting, a cardio machine, bowling and a balance board).Then they ran a test and showed us what their robot could do, it failed most of the time, but it worked 5 times consecutively that morning.

Then they were nice enough to provide us with snacks. After we ate our snacks the Lego robotics kids looked at our robots, they also gave us tips on what to change. Then they showed us about programming and how to program. After that we got to look at their robot doing the track again. They were so nice that they also provided us with lunch, in the French Room.

After lunch we went back to school. All in all it was very fun.

Glendal Primary School 3/4 Robotics Excursion.

On Thursday the 22nd of November, 12 Grade 3/4 students attended a Lego robotics excursion to Glendal Primary School. We were given a notice some weeks before the excursion. The attendees were Josh.B, Eric, Kaaviyan, Ethan, Henna, Steph, Nick, Kyle, Jeremy, Jameson, Lincoln and myself.

We departed around 11:00 and arrived soon after. Miss Rapinett, Mrs Smethurst and Mr Grossek provided us with transportation on the day and we arrived soon after. When arriving, I got to see my friend Hashi Soysa. He got to accompany me and show me round the science building.  We got to meet their robotics team, it consisted of 5/6 students. The former team had won the 2009 FLL (First Lego League) Competition.  They showed us this years theme, Senior Solutions. It consisted of some challenges to help the elderly do things they can’t do any more. Some of the challenges were walking the dog, making quilts, a medicine tube, a cardio machine, a strength machine, bowling, a machine that if you pulled one end, a ball would come out the other end and a balance activity.

Glendal was nice enough to provide us with  a delicious snack during our stay.


We got to see them run through the programs using Lego Mindstorms technology and programming. They got some successes and many failures. This proves it is up to chance if it fails or succeeds on the day of the competition. we got to see the programs they use and how to use and make them. As far as I know everyone enjoyed this trip immensely. We were lucky enough to see the rest of the science building. We even got to see a stick insect shed its skin.


We were nearing the end of the excursion and were taken to the MI cafe for some lunch consisting of, sandwiches and fruits. I got to eat with Hashi and enjoyed the visit a lot. When we had to leave, we came back to school around 2:30 and we returned with some great robotics knowledge. I enjoyed the trip a lot and would love to establish a robotics partnership with them.