This term in LEEP we learnt about Inventions. Sharni and I worked together and we learnt about the Apple laptop and the Inventor David Levy. We had to find some information about the Apple Laptop and its Inventor David Levy.

The Apple laptop changed our lives by letting us work from home, saving us a bit of money because it is not very expensive like computers are, you can also search up things that you need to know and you may of missed something on the TV so you can search the show up and you can watch it. I think David Levy thought of the Apple laptop because you don’t need very many wires and you can take it everywhere. David Levy’s knowledge of science helped him make the Apple laptop.

Things I have learnt…

How to make a movie on Imovie.
How to make a song on GarageBand.
That you can cut things out when you have made a mistake on Imovie.
How to use Explain Everything and all different  apps.

My goals for my next movie….

Be a bit more confident when filming.
Try to remember what I have to say.
Try to research for a bit more information.
Remember how to use all apps that we use.

Tayla’s Inventors Show from Berwick Lodge on Vimeo.