Karl Benz the inventor of the Automobile

Jamison’s inventor show from Berwick Lodge on Vimeo.

This term throughout L.E.E.P. We learnt about an invention that we wanted to in a pair.

Kyle and I teamed up to learn and make a movie about Karl Benz a famous inventor.

We found out his date of birth which was November 25, 1844 in Muhlburg, Germany.

I think that I could make the movie quicker (the green screening and grabbing the movie to put it all together) but I can’t complain it’s pretty good!

Making the movie taught us lots of things like how to export songs from GarageBand to iMovie and put together into a movie, How to export a finished movie, Green screening, Blogging videos, How to collect and save information to google drive on Explain Everything and How to copy Videos from blogs.

My goal for my next movie is to remember the line and take our time!