Sumatran Elephants (Library Program) by Grade 4R

This term Grade 4R has been listening to the audio story Running Wild by Michael Mopurgo in their library sessions with Mrs Radings.

This book is set in the Indonesian rainforest.  It is about a boy named Will who is saved from a tsunami by a very unusual elephant called Oona.  Will has to try and learn how to survive in the rainforest with the help of Oona.  Below is some information about Sumatran Elephants our students though they would share with you.

Sumatran Elephants are found in lowland forests close to rivers, although they may be found in hill forests on a seasonal basis.  Asian elephants are extremly socialble, forming groups of 6 to 7 related females that are led by the oldest female the matriach.

Here are some of the illustrations our students drew of the Sumatran elephant.


You can play with up to 2 or more people to play with.


  • Concrete
  • Chalk
  • Players
  • Stone

Instructions to draw the hopscotch grid

1. Start off with a simple chalk square.

2. Add on more not forgetting you can have double squares.

3. You can draw as many squares as you want but normally they have eight squares.

4. When you have finished with the squares draw numbers in the squares.

Instructions to play hopscotch

1. First get a stone.

2. Throw (not piff) the stone onto a square.

3. Start hopping (jump on the double squares) turn 180 degrees go back to the start and collect the stone on the way back.