Jakes Inventors Show

In grade 4 we are learning about inventions that have changed our lives. In leep we have made movies about a invention of our choice. I chose the ipod.




The ipod has changed our lives by introducing a new era of technology and making contacting and entertainment easier.




I think Tony Fadell [the inventor] made the ipod to let people carry a heap of entertainment, notes and contacts in there pockets.




Tony Fadells knowledge from his job helped him invent the ipod.



I reckon in my next movie I could improve the way I put the movie together.




This is a video that I have made about tony fadell and the ipod.


Jakes Ipod 2 from Berwick Lodge on Vimeo.



Hope you enjoyed!


Bridge Construction – Jake

AIM: To make a bridge out of the chosen material


  • Straws
  • Tape
  • Scissors


  1. Build your bridge out of straws.
  2. Make arches and put them on top of the bridge.
  3. Make support sticks and make them under the bridge to hold it up.
  4. Make some ramps and stick them on to the ends
  5. Now make a car for decoration  [optional]

By Jake