Jakes Inventors Show

In grade 4 we are learning about inventions that have changed our lives. In leep we have made movies about a invention of our choice. I chose the ipod.




The ipod has changed our lives by introducing a new era of technology and making contacting and entertainment easier.




I think Tony Fadell [the inventor] made the ipod to let people carry a heap of entertainment, notes and contacts in there pockets.




Tony Fadells knowledge from his job helped him invent the ipod.



I reckon in my next movie I could improve the way I put the movie together.




This is a video that I have made about tony fadell and the ipod.


Jakes Ipod 2 from Berwick Lodge on Vimeo.



Hope you enjoyed!


Elma’s inventor show

The TV changed our lives by let us understand things better as well as seeing things.

I think Philo Farnsworth was bored of listening to a radio and invented the TV for people to look at instead of hearing it.

I personally think that Philo Farnsworth  had a little experience with science because in his past he was an engineer.

I’ve learnt a lot over the past weeks but the most important thing is that to always try my hardest in every thing I do in the class room, at home or even LEEP.


 My goals for the next movie is to speak louder in the movie and to practise a bit more also to remember the lines and to knuckle down on my work.

elmas invetors project from Berwick Lodge on Vimeo.