Harmony Day By Sithuka

On Friday 20th of March, it was Harmony Day. We were allowed to wear orange and purple. It was a very cold day when we had the parade. Malaika and Ayak told the speech and showed the class canvas. 4WP was our buddy grade and my buddy is Elia. It took about 10 minutes showing the canvas from preps to grade 6. The last thing we did was listen to a song which took about 5 minutes.


Harmony Day by Ayak

On the 20th of March we celebrated Harmony Day at assembly. Malaika and I did a speech, so did our buddies. Our buddies names are Chloe and Leah. The assembly started at 9:15am. We also showed our canvas to the whole school. We were allowed to wear orange and purple. When we went up on stage it was quite scary to speak in front of 500 people at assembly. After we had our parade the people who were at the front got to stand up. After that it was lunch time and we got to eat our lunch with our buddies.