Are Robots Useful In Our Society?

Robots are very efficient and effective machines that preform complicated  and dangerous tasks.Robots can be very expensive to buy and maintain.
Robots can save business owners money because you don’t have to pay them a wage, superannuation or taxes.They can help around the home by preforming and providing entertainment.Robots can work 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year.They can save lives by going into dangerous situations that humans can’t

Robots may self-destruct.They can als0 malfunction.Robots don’t have feelings so they don’t understand your emotions.They use up alot of energy.Robots can make people lose thier jobs :(. They cost lots of money.Robots can do most jobs better then humans.


I think that robots are not very useful in our society because they make people lose thier jobs and can melt in fires. If I could I would keep all small kids robots and educational robots.


Robots are very efficient and effective machines that perform complicated and dangerous tasks. Robots can be very expensive to buy and maintain.

Robots save business owners a lot of money because they don’t have to pay them (except for the for the initial cost). Robots are useful because they help around the house and work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Robots could malfunction and hurt people. They also use electricity so even though they don’t use electricity you have to pay the electricity company.

I think robots are useful because they help kids understand how to programme Robots. They are useful because they can help people with disabilities.

Hooptime Report and Assembly Presentation

Last Monday Tom, Liam and Ryan presented a report at assembly.

Hi my name is Tom and I am Liam and we’re here to talk to you about the Hooptime Competition. We all played well on the day but sadly there could only be 2 teams in the grand final from Berwick Lodge Primary School. Future Stars 1 and Future Stars Four.




  • You have 2 lungs, they are located in your chest in the back of your rib cage.
  • When your lungs expand air enters through from your mouth and nose.
  • Unique cells in the lungs create mucous, the mucous catches the dust.
  • The quantities of air you power transform the pitch of the sound.
  • Your left lung is smaller than your right lung to make room for your heart.
  • The word lung came from the word Lunge which means light.
  • The breathing rate is quicker in women and children than in men.
  • Around 1 litre of air comes through into your lungs to breathe.
  • Your lungs are just organs that are able to drift on water
  • A good number of people breathe through just 1 nostril


Healthy Lifestyle by Kayla

Heart: The average adult heart beats 72 times a minute; 100,000 times a day; 3,000,000 times a year; and 2.5 millon times a lifetime.

Lungs: The right lung is slightly larger than the left one. A human beign breaths about 22,000 times per day, breathing in 2100 to 2400 gallons of air each day.

Kidneys: Just one kideny is required to substitute two failed kideneys.The life extention of someone who donates a kidney is the similar as the general population.

Brain: The human brain is the fattest brain in the body and may consists of at least 60% fat.

Liver: The liver is the only organ that grows back.

Hi kids.

Hey kids,

How are you all?

I’ve missed you all very much and wish you were here with me to experience all the sites, food and different cultures of all the countries I have visited. I have so many stories and experiences to share with you when I return.

I’m on my way to Holland now and will then be flying to Denmark for the last week of my holiday. While I’m in Denmark I am going to be teaching at a school in the city of Billund. I can’t wait to see what the children are like and if they are similar to you guys or different? If you want me to ask the kids any questions for you or find out what school is like in Denmark you can post me some questions and I’ll ask the kids for you when I meet them.

Highlights of my trip so far:
Seeing a stretch Ferrari in the streets of London
Eating snails in Paris
Going to euro Disneyland and meeting Mickey Mouse
Playing in the snow in the Swiss alps and getting snow burn
Eating way too much gelato (ice cream) in Italy, we visited a shop that had over 150 different gelato flavours. Eating a gelato made in the shape of a rose flower.
Seeing the Pope at the Vatican (church)
Taking a photo near the fire breathing dragon at the castle in Krakow, Poland
Going to a toy museum in Prague and seeing over 5000 barbie dolls and 100 Star Wars characters
Climbing a clock tower in Venice and Prague
Watching a marionette puppet show in the theatre in Prague
Eating doughnuts in Berlin and visiting the Great Berlin Wall
Riding a Segway and falling off a couple of times
Watching the football (soccer) with the local people in every country and wearing my Australia jumper when the Aussies were playing, they are very passionate about their football. But I found some Aussie friends and every time we scored we yelled Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi,Oi!
Ridding bikes around the cities with no helmets (it’s not a law in Europe)
Seeing One Direction waving to their fans in a square in Amsterdam, sorry girls I was too slow to take a photo.

I wanted to wish you all a great last week at school, I hope you had a great time with Miss Craig and Mrs Hare and have looked after them while I have been away. Enjoy your school holidays, and take time to relax after a busy term at school. I will be writing your reports on the holiday break and catching up with your parents for interviews when I come back next term.
Next term we have camp, I’m so looking forward to spending time with you at Foster North.

See you all soon,

Miss Rap xxx



Hi kids, how are you?

Thought I would send you a quick post, to say hello and that I miss you.

I’ve arrived in Pamplona and have been doing a lot of site seeing and preparation for the competition. The teams are starting to arrive and it is getting very exciting. Pamplona is surrounded by a fort, and today I got the chance to walk around the entire fortress wall. A section of the fortress is in a star shape with a pentagon in the centre and is very impressive. We had tapas for lunch (bite size snacks) and churrios for a treat (Spanish dessert). I spent the afternoon walking around the plaza’s and bought a toy bull for Eddie.

Hope you’re all ok and are taking care of Miss Craig and Mrs Hare for me. How was the Sleeping Horses excursion?

If you want to send me a message just comment on my posts. Have a great day, miss you all.

Miss Rap 🙂

image image

Cricket Clinc

IMG_2597Today we participated in our second session of the Cricket Clinic organised by Miss Craig. The children participated in a range of skills and activities to develop their throwing, bowling, catching and batting techniques. We attended with Grade 4T and Grade 4P.

Here Kailan is pictured with the Melbourne Star Mascot.

House Cross Country

IMG_2543Last Tuesday all students in grades 3 to 6 competed in our House Cross Country.  The students in age groups 8/9, 10 and 11 years were very lucky to complete their race with very little rain.  The 12/13 year olds were not so lucky.

The children ran extremely well, and we would like to congratulate everyone who completed the course.  I would like to congratulate the following students who will compete at the next level for our school – Kayla, Charlize, Liam, Tom, Alex and Ryan.

Pictured here is Cameron who was selected as the best dressed for our year level.  Congratulations Cam.

Keep posted for the students results and recounts at the district cross country which is being held on Monday 19th May.