Interview with Miss Rapinett

1. When did you start teaching at Berwick Lodge?

I started teaching at BLPS in 2004.

2. How many year 4 grades have you taught?

I have been teaching in the 3/4 area for 5 years.

3. What do you like doing outside of school?

Running, going to the gym, spending time with my sister and nephew Eddie and going out with my friends.

4. What is your favourite year level to teach?

All of them, including specialists for different reasons.

5. Why do you like teaching Robotics?

I love teaching Robotics because as a child and adult I loved playing with Lego and constructing. Next year I am going to Denmark to visit the Lego Factory, I can’t wait.

6. Would you rather teach Robotics or your class?

I can’t answer that question because it is too hard.

7.What is your favourite Food?

Asian Food- Thai, Chinese, but M&Ms are my favourite chocolate.

8. What is your favourite Animal?

Meerkats because they are so cute and they are so active and animated, just like my kids in 4R.

9. Who was the first Grade you taught?

Grade 5R. awesome grade, fantastic kids.

10. Where did you first work?

I worked when I was 8 yrs old in my parents cleaning buisness, 6 days a week, then I worked at Dimmeys in Dandenong and Frankston. The money I earnt from cleaning bought my first car and paid my university fees.


By Tayla and Sharni :)


This term in LEEP we learnt about Inventions. Sharni and I worked together and we learnt about the Apple laptop and the Inventor David Levy. We had to find some information about the Apple Laptop and its Inventor David Levy.

The Apple laptop changed our lives by letting us work from home, saving us a bit of money because it is not very expensive like computers are, you can also search up things that you need to know and you may of missed something on the TV so you can search the show up and you can watch it. I think David Levy thought of the Apple laptop because you don’t need very many wires and you can take it everywhere. David Levy’s knowledge of science helped him make the Apple laptop.

Things I have learnt…

How to make a movie on Imovie.
How to make a song on GarageBand.
That you can cut things out when you have made a mistake on Imovie.
How to use Explain Everything and all different  apps.

My goals for my next movie….

Be a bit more confident when filming.
Try to remember what I have to say.
Try to research for a bit more information.
Remember how to use all apps that we use.

Tayla’s Inventors Show from Berwick Lodge on Vimeo.

Animal Imformation Report

1.The common name is a Gorilla and the scientific name is Gorilla/Gorilla.

2. The Gorilla belongs to the Mammal family.

3. Here are some features about the Gorilla…. A gorilla moves on all fours with its knuckles on the ground, Their feet are characterized by the big toes which are less widely separated, and their hands are very broad and strong.

4. You can find the gorilla in some parts of Arfrica.

5. The gorilla is vegetarian.


HABITAT: where an animal or plant lives naturally.

BREEDING:the mating of animals to produce offspring.

SOCIAL: a gathering.

EXTINCT: not existing anymore.

WARNING: to tell someone about a danger or future event.

7. Here is a picture of a Gorilla