The horrible day out

On one sunny bright day a little girl named Summah went on a drive with her family. They were going on a drive to Phillip Island to see there beautiful holiday house. When they got there, there place was TRASHED! There was stuff everywhere like rubbish, bins, zombies, creatures and vampires.


Then all of a sudden a vampire came up behind them and said you’ll be with me for 100 days straight HA HA HA.


So that 100 days took a long time but it got there so the family drove home very fast but it still took them 1 hour to get home again. The family loved being home and they  knew they were safe FOR NOW. They did not like what happened back the other day but from on they knew they were safe and that was the good thing about the trip. But also when the got home there dog was missing……..

THE END by Summah