Competition Day

My nervous and anxious mind was shaking in my head. ” Today is the day,” I thought. The 10th of November had arrived… it was competition day.

The robotics team consisted of Eric, Josh, Sean, Henna, Nivethan, David, Thomas, Kaaviyan, Zoe and me, under the team name of CTRL-ALT-DELETE. We all were excited and when we arrived at the King David School in Armadale, it was nearly time for our first robot game. We were all getting tense waiting for Niv and Zoe, as they had the competition robot…. as time was ticking…..

Finally Zoe and Niv had arrived! We were relieved that Zoe and Niv had arrived in time. The Glendal students got on to the work while the Berwick Lodge students work on the Project (or as the boring part as you might say). Glendal students had to stop hitting the branch as they had just realised that they couldn’t have 5 motors which decreased the points but improved speed and had to stop pulling the plane and moving the house up which also decreased a lot of points.

It was finally time for the game… Overall the first round of matches was good, well I thought that the second round was the best out of all three rounds anyway.

We had to quickly move onto the Technical almost straight afer the game. Unfortunately, the judges were still judging for the Technical part for the team before us, at the scheduled time for us to finish the Technical. I was wondering what was holding them up. The door finally burst open.

Josh introduced the team and talked about the multi-collaborative team of different schools and nations. Then the Glendal students talked about the missions and gave them a demonstration. They also talked about the programs they used and what sensors they used for their mission. The judges thought it was pretty impressive.

Next we had another robot game. The Glendal students found some holes in the program and fixed them. “Hopefully,” I thought, “they will fix the problems and make it perfect.” And fortunately they did!

It was lunch time for us. Perfect timing. I was starving. But now I can’t really tell you what happened when the students got their lunch because I was taken out by my mum to eat a wrap and buy a Coke for Ms Rap and bought a salad roll for Henna’s mum. At the venue they provided lunch but apparently it wasn’t that good… My team was jealous of what I got for lunch!

We were ready for our last round of robot game. Unfortunately it missed a whole lot of missions but got Jeffrey the minifig to safety.

We started practicing for our third and final round of robots while Berwick Lodge started rehearsing our lines for the Project. We rehearsed in front of Ms G and Ms Rap, being our judges and parents being their ordinary selves. It was pretty good.

We were ready for the last part of the day, the Project. We walked up to the second floor and brought all the equipment with us and presented it to the judges. They said it was excellent.

Now was the most exciting or maybe the most nerve-racking 1 and a half hours of waiting. We were waiting for the final results of the winners. I was so excited when I knew this, we had won the State Championships and the robot performance award. We were celebrating on after we had finished the competition. To celebrate they each bought a slushee for themselves, except for me. Poor me!!



It was a wonderful day especially for the girls. On the 25th of 2013, some girls had the amazing opportunity to go and learn about with the robots ( I was very lonely because I was the only boy. You might ask why I was the only boy because I was the photographer!!!)

Some kids from Glendal Primary School also came to the event to learn about Robotics too. Some helpers from Melbourne University taught them. I knew all the how-to’s and the basics so I was basically another helper.

I took lots of photos on a camera and took short films While all this was happening, an IPad taking a film of the whole session.

Soon after, I was getting bored of taking pictures of all the girls, so I decided to worked on my RoboCup robot. I attached the dolly wheel on to prevent it from dragging.

When it was time to eat snack, I got a goodie for helping. It was delicious, MMM!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂