A day in the life of Nelia

1.What time do you normally get up to go to school?

On Monday – Saturday  I wake up from 7:15 – 7:30 then on Sunday I try to sleep in.

2.What do you normally have for breakfast, recess, lunch, tea (dinner, supper)?

For breakfast I have cereal or oats but sometimes on the weekend I have eggs, baked beans and toast or pancakes ,if not then maybe cereal or oats. For a school lunch I normally have a sandwich .For dinner we sometimes have steak with chips and gravy, rice with boiled veggies and chicken ,fish or maybe something else.

3.How do you get to school?

My grandpa drives me to school ( Car )

4.How long does it take to get to or from school?

It takes roughly 3-5 minutes to get to school or back

5.A typical lunch at school

I sometimes have my lunch with friend outside or have my lunch inside before the bell goes.

6.Subjects you have to do 

I have to do Literacy, Numeracy and Inquiry.

 7.Specialist subjects or electives, options

For specialists we have Performing arts, Art, P.E, Library and I.C.T.

8.Technology in your school

My school is lucky to afford a mix of technology like iPads, lots of computers ,Lego robots and a radio studio.

9.A typical schoolday with timetable 

Our school starts at 9:00 a.m with a 2 breaks one at 11:00 – 11:30 a.m and the other is at 1:30 – 2:15 p.m and home time is at 3:30.

10.What do you do at break times?

When it is break time my friends and I sometimes play on the playground, walk and talk or play games around the school

11.School bell has gone for end of day – what happens now?

After the bell has gone I walk to the car my grandpa drives me  home and I get a snack, maybe watch some T.V or play with my 2 little sisters for a while ,then have a shower and do some home-work or NQT after a while I go on the computer, after that I have dinner then I do something ,like read or something else. After I get ready for bed ,so now I brush my teeth and go to sleep at 9:00 – 9:15 p.m.

12.Do you have to wear uniform?

Well it’s optional to wear school uniform at my school

13.How many days per year are you at school? 

Term 1

29 January – 28 March

Term 2

15 April – 28 June

Term 3

15 July – 20 September

Term 4

07 October – 20 December

14.What do you enjoy most about school?

hanging out with my friends and learning new things

15.If you could improve your school, what would you do?

 If I could improve my school, I would use my money  to get technology for the school, maybe more robots, more computers and more education technology.


Robogals Report

On the 25th of July four girls from each 3/4 Grades were selected to do a program called ‘ Robogals’ . Four people from Melbourne University and eight students from Glendal Primary School came over to do Robogals. The people from Melboune University talked and taught us how to use the Lego robots properly and some tricks, like how to use the light sensor and cool programing by the computer.

The session went for 90 minutes. We all had a great time doing Robogals.

By Grace and Nelia.