Before l knew what l had done. I had drunk the entire contents of the bottle.

One day l woke up it was one of the worst day of my life l had activated a portal with  monsters it took 7 days 6 hours 32 min 5 seconds to kill the first one more came we now  it was not going to end. So we built a robot the next monster came. It was the biggest so far. It was in the water I was attack . I was under water I swam under the water and found a portal I jump in to the portal. I had blow up the portal  so no monster can came in my world I had to activated the bomb 321 boom the portal was close. The end.

Revolting Recipes

Revolting Recipes

You will need these following ingredients:

A teaspoon of spiders

Stale jellybeans

Stale marshmallows

Frozen peas

Cougar blood

You will need this equipment:






1. Gather all of your ingredients.

2. Put all of your ingredients in the blender.

3. Leave it on for at least 10-20 seconds.

4. Put it all in your cup.

5. Good luck drinking it!                            By Daniel and Luke

Edwin Flack Cross Country

On Monday 20th of May some of our school went on a trip to Edwin Flack District Cross Country.

Only the top ten in our House Cross Country made it in and 11th and 12th were emergencies. The people who made it to Division were Luke. J, Daniel.T, Tarah.P, Billy. H, Sam. N, Cav. P and Indy. A. It was a fun and heart wrenching day, everyone was excited, nervous and happy for their classmates. No one complained or got upset with their efforts. Mr Grossek our principal was very happy with all of our efforts and he was happy that some of our students made it through to the next round.

By Daniel and Luke