Under Attack

These are the main characters

  • Bob
  • Harrish
  • Kaos
  • Kaos’ Minions
  • Master Eon
  • Skylanders

Once in a magical land called Skylands there lived these Skylanders. Also there lived this portal master called Kaos. Earth on the other hand was in trouble because Kaos was coming.

Down on Earth lived Harrish and a wizard called Bob. Bob was Kaos’ older cousin. Bob knew Kaos was coming and that was what Bob feared most.

Kaos was coming to Earth to put a nuclear reactor in the middle of the world. Harrish and Bob disabled the reactor in time because there was 1 millisecond left. Harrish and Bob flew to Skylands

Harrish and Bob called ” Skylanders where are you?” They heard nothing so Harrish stepped on the land and then…….. Terrafin popped up, also everyone else came from the Skylanders team. Bob and Harrish explained that Kaos was trying to blow up Skylands, boy were they mad. Spyro sent a search party to look for Kaos.

Kaos asked his minions to create a diversion. Meanwhile, Kaos made a gigantic robot which was 3,000,000 feet tall. Kaos tried to stomp on Terrafin but Terrafin did some quick thinking and smashed the robot to smithereens.

Spyro and Wash Buckler warned Master Eon to start looking for Kaos.

Gill Grunt ordered  all Swap Forces to swap. Wash Zone and Blast Buckler did all they could but had no luck. Trap Blade and Freeze Shadow managed to trap Kaos but, Kaos escaped. Bob tried to attack but got killed. Harrish used all he could but died by a lightning bolt formed by Kaos.

Master Eon used all his power to blow up KAos. Master Eon and most of the other Skylanders were sad. Super Gulp Pop Fizz and his brothers were missing. The brothers were in a lab. The brothers were creating a potion to revive the dead. They poured it on the graves of Harrish and Bob. There came 2 zombies. Pop Fizz made a potion and made Harrish and Bob back to normal.


The AFL Grand Final by Tom

On Saturday afternoon it was the under 14 Blacks in the Grand Final. I was so nervous because evereyone expected me, Richo to score all the goals. I was under so, so, so, much pressure. It was the end of the 3rd quarter with the scores being 89 to to 105, we were loseing. It would have to be a miracle to come back from here, and it was, the scores where 110 to 105.
“NO” I said
Bob broke his arm and we were only down by 5 points. It started to pour down rain. There was “1 minute left in the Grand Final. The coach SCREAMED. 4
5 seconds later Richard got the ball and kicked the ball to me I marked it. I was about 90 to 100 meters out. I when I kicked a goal! The crowd went crazy.
Next time if I am doing another narrative I will tell you all about the game against the Grand Final in the under15’s we SMASHED them!


Animal Cricket by Harrish

Three days ago there was a cricket match. The teams were Australia against The Australian Animals at the MCG. The members of each team are the following:


Ken the Kangaroo

Kyle the Koala

Wallis the Wombat

Kane the Kookaburra

Dane the Dingo

Elvis the Echidna

Edwin the Emu

Peter the PLatypus

Harry the Helmeted Honey Eater

Gary the Galah

Cameron the Cockatoo



David Warner

Chris Rogers

Shane Watson

Micheal Clarke

Steven Smith

Brad Haddin

Mitchell Johnson

James Faulkner

Ryan Harris

Peter Siddle

Nathan Lyon

Ken and Michael are doing the toss. Michael says heads and Ken says tails. Heads win, so Michael elected to bowl. So Ken and Kyle are on the pitch batting.Ryan Harris bowls to Ken. Ken hit one run. Ryan Harris bowls Kyle out. Ryan Harris bowls Wallis out. Ken hits  a six. The score is 2/7. Ryan Harris bowls Ken out and also bowled Kane out. Mitchell Johnson bowls the Following batsmen: Elvis, Edwin, Peter, Harry and Gary. Dane hits a six. The score is 9/13. Cameron hits and Steve catches the ball. Australia needs 15 runs. David hits 3 sixes. Australia wins by 5 runs




Deg the Dingo By Ben

In the middle of the desert Deg the Dingo was out hunting out Eek the Emu ”Boy this is hard” he said to himself.

5 days later

Deg was  heading away to the bush. Once he was at the bush he found a camping spot for the night, but he couldn’t go to sleep it was too noisy. Then out of the shadows came a tribe of Aboriginals. The leader said ”We have been waiting for you Deg” then out of the shadows came Deg’s friends ”EEK,  KOKY,  PATTY!” he cried. The leader said ”You can stay with us if you want to?” WE WANT TO THEY ALL CRIED and they lived happily ever after.