Darby The Dingo Competition

Have a look at this fantastic artwork the students in Grade 4R did for Mr Grossek’s children’s book ‘Darby the Dingo’.  Mr Grossek has the children’s pictures and will announce the winner on Monday.  Stay tuned to hear who won  the competition and will recieve a set of Derwent colouring pencils.

Grade 4R Photoshoot

Last week I took a photo of the cutest grade at BLPS before our official school photographs.  Unfortunately, we had a couple of special people missing from the photo.  Can you guess who they are?
The first person who can name the missing VIP’s from our class photo and post the answer in the comment box below, can select a prize from the prize box and 10 Lodgie Awards.


Special Visitor to Grade 4R

This Friday our grade was treated to a special visit from Mr Grossek.
When Mr Grossek was IMG_2249 younger and in the begining of his teaching career he wrote several story books for children.

He shared one of his books ‘Darby the Dingo’ with the children today.  These books foucs on Australian animals and their exciting and fun adventures in the outback.  The one he read today even mentioned a charcater by the name of Ben who also happens to be a student in our grade.

Mr Grossek has contacted a few illustrators to draw some pictures for his books and asked our grade if we would help him select the best illustrations when they provide him with some examples.  The children were very excited to be involved in this decision.

As we have some very keen artists in our grade Mr Grossek and I put the challenge to our students to draw a picture of ‘Darby the Dingo’.  These pictures will be judged by Mr Grossek on Tuesday and the winner will recieve a set of Derwent coloured pencils.  Keep an eye on our blog where the winner and their picture will be posted for everyone to see.

Planning Day Activity with Mrs Froelich – Wednesday 11th December

Hi parents and children of Grade 4R

Next Wednesday is Planning Day and Mrs Froelich will be taking our grade for the day.  She would like to do a special memories book with our students and sent the children the following message.

On Wednesday we are going to make memory books. Can the kids please bring in any photos or things they would like to add to their book. It can be from things they have done during the year, holidays, special occasions etc. It can be from school or from home. If they want to bring in stickers etc to add on or scrap booking things they can.

We are going to use some paint because I want them to put their hand print on a page if I can?

If you could tell the kids today then they have a week to get organised.

Thank you,
Mrs Froelich

Social Skills Program – Thank you

Dear Parents,

Last Friday bought the conclusion of our Social Skills Program with Noosha and Nilusha.  The ladies wanted to celebrate the hard work and contribution the children put into the program with a class party and share the children’s homework task.  Unfortunately, they were called away to work at another school but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the parents for providing all the delicious and wonderful food for our celebration. I was overwhelmed by the time and effort you all put in baking and cooking fo this event.
Here are some photos from the party.

Last week’s homework required students to ask their parents what qualities they thought they had and record them on a special card.  These cards were presented to me last week for me to write a coment on each student.  This week I will ask students to post the responses from their parents and I with our school community.

I am honoured to teach this wonderful grade full of talented individuals and look forward to sharing their final weeks in Grade 4 before they transition into senior school.

Kyle’s Challeging Riddle

A man gave one son 10 cents and another son was given 15 cents. What time is it?

A man and his two sons want to cross the river. They have a boat but it can only carry 90kg. The man weighs 90kg and both sons weigh 45kg each. Can they get across? Explain why/why not?

Brain Teaser Question Week 9

The Bus Driver

A bus driver was going down a street.  He went right past a stop sign without stopping.  He turned left where there was a ‘no left turn’ sign.  Then he turned the wrong way into a one-way street.  An yet, he didn’t break a single law.  Why not?

You are welcome to get your parents or siblings involved.  Just post your responses to this Brain Teaser and I will reveal the answer next week.
The first person who posts the correct answer will recieve a classroom reward.

Good Luck!

Revolting Recipe by Andrew

Poison soup by Andrew

  • First get the rats eye balls then pour the 1000g of the bats blood into the bowl.
  • Then add the 5 cracked pieces of concrete and the 20 hearts, then mix extremely fast until it goes very squishy.
  • After, add the rat poison to the bowl then smash the ingredients with the bat, then add the poo to the bowl then squish it with the bat.
  • Then grab the eye balls and cover it with the poo, then put it back in the cauldron
  • Turn the heat on the oven to 100,000,000 Celsius till it goes hot and crispy.
  • Then you’re ready to eat. 


  • Hope you enjoy!


You can play with up to 2 or more people to play with.


  • Concrete
  • Chalk
  • Players
  • Stone

Instructions to draw the hopscotch grid

1. Start off with a simple chalk square.

2. Add on more not forgetting you can have double squares.

3. You can draw as many squares as you want but normally they have eight squares.

4. When you have finished with the squares draw numbers in the squares.

Instructions to play hopscotch

1. First get a stone.

2. Throw (not piff) the stone onto a square.

3. Start hopping (jump on the double squares) turn 180 degrees go back to the start and collect the stone on the way back.

Procedural Writing – How to play Hopscotch

Hopscotch by Antonette

How many people – 2

Materials – Chalk and Unifix blocks

  1. Draw some numbers on the Hopscotch.
  2. Throw a Unifix cube on each number.
  3. Hop on each number and hop back.
  4. Pick the Unifix cube and put it down.
  5. Draw a tally with your name and score.
  6. The winner is the person with a high score.