Inquiry Learning Unit – Communication

hieroThis term the students in 4R are learning about different forms of communication.  Last week they participated in some Communication rotations with Miss Tappy where they learnt about Braille and this week they will visit Mr Pryor. In our grade we learnt about Hieroglyphics and the country where it originated from, Egypt.  The children went to ICT and printed out their names in hieroglyphs and completed some of the puzzles using the Egyptian numerical system.

We also started discussing and talking about digital communications and apps.  We are currently working on a datachart of the different apps available for children and adults to use and the positive and negative aspects of each app.  The website below is a very helpful resource for parents, teachers and students produced by the Australian Government Department of Communications. It provides people with information on how to handle cyberbullying, security and protecting their personal information.

Harmony Day Celebrations – 21st March 2014

Last Friday 21st March, BLPS celebrated Harmony Day.  The grade 3/4 students participated in rotation activities which included Mapping Activities, Scottish Dancing and Teamworking games and challenges.

We researched our classroom heritages and discovered that the children and parents in the class come from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, China, Sri Lanka, Poland, England, Malta, Ireland and Greece.


First Fleet Database

Today in our ICT lesson the students in 4CR looked at the First Fleet Database. The students will be using this database throughout our Inquiry Learning Unit this term and have already developed some questions for each other to research.

Today we found out the names of the different convict ships and typed in the surnames of some of the children in our class to see if they matched the convict records. Keep an eye on our blog to see what we discover over the next few weeks.

Answer to our Inquiry Learning Question.

Last week we started our new Inquiry Learning topic – The First Fleet.
The children were asked what was the name of the ship that Captain James Cook sailed to Australia.
The correct answer was…..

The Endeavour
Captain Cook was given command of the Endeavour by England’s Royal Society. The ship was a cat-collier that was typically used for carrying coal. It wasn’t fast, but it was durable and could carry a lot of supplies.endeavour

Captain Cook introduced some rigid and innovative rules in order to keep his crew healthy and safe. He required his men to bathe every day, the ship to be kept very clean, and the bedding to be aired twice a week. He also brought lots of fresh fruit to keep his men from getting scurvy. These rules and planning helped his men to stay healthy throughout the long voyages ahead.

Congratulations to the following children who got the answer correct. Don’t forget to drop into the bank to recieve your reward.
Tiah, Charlize, Connor, Sarah and Harrish.

Internet Safety (Cybersafety)

Recently our grade has been lerning about different forms of communication as a part of our Inquiry Learning Unit (From Dots and Dashes to Digital Downloads). Some students and parents have raised concerns and have asked questions about some of the apps children use to communicate with each other. So as a grade we decided to do an investigation on some of these digital apps.

Today we brainstormed the different apps children use to communicate with each other digitally. They were:
X-Box Live

Some students researched and wrote down 5 facts that we knew about each app, then we follwed the link below and read some tips about being Cybersmart.
You can read our reponses by clicking on the comments link.

In lesson 2, we will be sharing our research and safety tips with the rest of the grade and looking at the positives and negatives of each app. Students will then have the opportunity to work together and design our own class cyber safety guidelines and posters.

For more information on Cybersafety click on some of the links below.  But more importantly make sure you read the terms and conditions about the apps and get your parents / guardians permission before you download and use any app.

Take the Cybersmart Quiz
How Cybersmart are you?


Working with you parents develop 5 family guidelines for safe Internet use in your home.

Kyle’s Inventors Show

In Grade 4 L.E.E.P. we are learning about inventions that have made our lives easier.  I investigated about the car and its inventor by using Explain Everything, the internet and iMovie.

The car has changed our lives by introducing a faster, better and more efficient way of getting around. Karl Benz the inventor of the car would’ve probably thought of the idea from his wife/spouse. His general knowledge and his wife helped him invent the car.

I have learnt a lot from this project:

  • Lots of info on Karl Benz and the car ;
  • How to use iMovie ;
  • How to export information from the iPad to Google Drive ;
  • How to use the green screen ;
  • How to use Explain Everything ;
  • How to cut movies ;
  • How to export a piece of music from GarageBand to iMovie ;
  • And the most important of how to co-operate better!

In our next movie, I want to improve my speech in the video because I was stammering, murmuring in the video. You could see me shaking and nervous. I also want to research more about the topic.


Here is a short movie about the car or the automobile I have prepared for you.

Kyle’s Inventors Show from Berwick Lodge on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoyed it!!



Karl Benz the inventor of the Automobile

Jamison’s inventor show from Berwick Lodge on Vimeo.

This term throughout L.E.E.P. We learnt about an invention that we wanted to in a pair.

Kyle and I teamed up to learn and make a movie about Karl Benz a famous inventor.

We found out his date of birth which was November 25, 1844 in Muhlburg, Germany.

I think that I could make the movie quicker (the green screening and grabbing the movie to put it all together) but I can’t complain it’s pretty good!

Making the movie taught us lots of things like how to export songs from GarageBand to iMovie and put together into a movie, How to export a finished movie, Green screening, Blogging videos, How to collect and save information to google drive on Explain Everything and How to copy Videos from blogs.

My goal for my next movie is to remember the line and take our time!

Endangered Species 4R

In Term 3 Grade 4R are learning about endangered species in their Inquiry Learning topic. Here are some animals that are common, endangered and animals that we want to find out about.

Here are some websites you might find useful for our new topic

Domestic DogsDomestic CatsHumansRabbitsHorses




Domestic Mice










AlligatorAmerican BisonAmerican CrocodileArctic FoxBats

Bighorn Sheep

Black Footed Ferret






Black Bear


White Rhinoceros



Blue Whale

African Elephants

Sumatran Elephants


Peregrine Falcon

Desert Tortoise

Grevy’s  Zebra



Mexican Spotted Owl



Leadbeater’s Possum


Helmeted Honeyeater

Hawaiian Monk Seal

Grizzly Bear

African Lion

Sea otter




Snow Tiger

White Tiger


Black water frog



Great White Sharks


Four eyed frog

Desert Rat Kangaroo


Desert Slender Salamander

Desert Viper

Dwarf Flying Fox

Eastern Gorilla

Swamp Deer

Swift Parrot

Spiny River Snail

Black Bear

Long Tailed Goral

Rain Frog

Dwarf Crocodile

Long Tailed Fantailed

Splendid Poison

Fat Tailed Opossum

Grey Wolves

Mountain Pigmy Possum

White spotted owl

Sand Cat

Bull Shark

Monarch Butterfly

Giant Panda