Grace’s Inventors Show

In LEEP our task was to make a movie on an invention. We chose a partner and looked on the internet for facts about the invention.I was with Elma and Nelia. We choose the television and the inventor was Philo Farnsworth.

To do this we had to make a slides on Explain Everything which is on the iPads and the information was on Philo Farnsworth, then we recorded it in front of the green screen and put it all together on Imovie with the picture behind us.

It was a pretty hard task to do all of it especially because I made a big mistake! I forgot to put in the key information in the movie so then I had to make it again.

Grace 2 from Berwick Lodge on Vimeo.

Animal Information Report


1. The scientific name for the Jaguar is Panthera Onca.
2. It belongs to the mammal family.
3. Black Jaguars exist in the wild, the Jaguar can kill domestic pets and the Jaguar does not roar.
4. You can find the Jaguar in South America.
5. The Jaguar eats forest animals, domestic pets, the size can vary from a mouse to a deer.

My Glossary

Coat: An animals fur, that keeps the animal warm.

Hunting: People that get guns and kill animals.

Habbitat: The home of an animal.

Wild: The wild is out in the open or in forests.

Zoo: A busy place where there is lots of animals.

Robogals Report

On the 25th of July four girls from each 3/4 Grades were selected to do a program called ‘ Robogals’ . Four people from Melbourne University and eight students from Glendal Primary School came over to do Robogals. The people from Melboune University talked and taught us how to use the Lego robots properly and some tricks, like how to use the light sensor and cool programing by the computer.

The session went for 90 minutes. We all had a great time doing Robogals.

By Grace and Nelia.

Terrific Tuesday’s Program

Reflections about the Terrific Tuesday Program from some of our students.

For Terrific Tuesday program I am doing Art and Craft, we just made little soft toys. They are so cute!! – Grace

For Terrific Teusdays I am doing Fashion we are doing alot of cool things.- Ceili

We made these tiny flat soft toys. I made an alien and its so cute and cuddly we had so much fun – Elma

For Terrific Tuesdays I do woodwork and I’m making a boat – Brandon

For Terrific Tuesdays I am doing woodwork and I am making a boat with Brandon -Lucas

Yesterday I went to Woodwork, I cut some wood with a saw and I helped others by sitting on their wood so it wouldn’t move- Antonette