Max was a very different alien by Georgie

6. Max was a very different Alien.

He liked eating cheese and had a Crane on his Island that had broken down.

He had a best friend called Jack and they lived next door to each other. One morning they played at the beach on their Island. “Hi Jack” said Max “Hey! What do you want to do today?” said Jack “Play in the water” said max “okay” “you can.” said Jack, He didn’t like swimming because he would get a rash from the salt in the water, He sun baked instead. For lunch they had shells with crabs inside, he liked them very much.

When Jack and Max went home they played Monopoly , it was a tough game but Max won because he cheated. He couldn’t help cheating because he had a bad brain that made him do bad like cheat, eat shells and crash his planes.

At the end of the day they waved goodbye to each other, and then went to bed.