Agideas Excursion – Nelia and Elma

This excursion was held on the 30th of April 2013, at the Great Hall, National Gallery of Victoria.

We went by train, it was a little bumpy but so much fun!

The students who went were – Lincoln, Bailey, Nelia, Elma, Liam, Keely, Ashleigh and Adam.

We saw Nick who talked to us about what made our life easier and fun.

After he had done his speech we had to write our problems and draw some designs to improve it, for example I made a robot named Roboomattic because it was hard for me to get up for school. What it did was it woke me up in the morning and got me dressed for school.

We would like to thank Mrs Mrs McLeod, Mrs Gary, and the parents for taking us on the excursion, Miss Rapinett for organising the notices and especially the teachers who chose us to represent our school.