Social Skills Program with Noosha

In session 1 Noosha introduced herself and Nilusha.Then she told us about the three rules which were

  • Be positive
  • One at a time and
  • Listen and do.

We played a game after that which was called ‘The Line Game’ it was really fun you steped up to the line if you liked the thing that Noosha said. Once Noosha said who likes Justin Bieber? and only three students walked up to the line and every body started laughing then Noosha said it was little bullying and  it was bad. Then we played another game and it was like a team challenge, that game was fun too but I went out a few times, then we had to go.

Session 2

Our second second session we got a piece of paper and a texter and we had to write what we though a perfect friendship would have in it. Then we passed it around and told people what we think should be in a perfect friendship! Then we played a game, when Nooshia said something about a friend would say to you and you had to see if you thought it was healthy or unhealthy.



Session 3

 In sesion three Noosha first revised what we did in the last 2 weeks, then we learnt about how to know if people are angry, sad and happy then we played a really fun game where we had a card and had to act out what was on the card, and the girls had to be partners with the boys.  I was Lucas’ partner and we had to do ‘scared’ it was really funny. Then we all got a piece of paper and had to write down three things that we think of ourselves on the inside. I wrote caring, helpful and I’ll always be there to pick you up when your down.

Then we got homework that asked what your family likes about you and what your teacher likes about you, then after that we played a game where we had to throw the ball to someone and say something good about them, then the time was up.

Elma’s inventor show

The TV changed our lives by let us understand things better as well as seeing things.

I think Philo Farnsworth was bored of listening to a radio and invented the TV for people to look at instead of hearing it.

I personally think that Philo Farnsworth  had a little experience with science because in his past he was an engineer.

I’ve learnt a lot over the past weeks but the most important thing is that to always try my hardest in every thing I do in the class room, at home or even LEEP.


 My goals for the next movie is to speak louder in the movie and to practise a bit more also to remember the lines and to knuckle down on my work.

elmas invetors project from Berwick Lodge on Vimeo.

Animal Information Report


The common name is harvest mouse. The scientific name is micromys minutus. The harvest mouse belongs to the Muridae family. Three features on the harvest mouse are its head,whiskers and tail. You can find the harvest mouse in dry areas. The harvest mouse eats seeds, insects and some fruit.


HARVEST : The crop that is gatherd in .

NATURE: Leaves, grass, trees, water, sky and more.

ABUNDANT: Having lots of food.

GROOM: To brush.

ANCHOR: Something on ships that goes into the water to stop it from moving

Terrific Tuesday’s Program

Reflections about the Terrific Tuesday Program from some of our students.

For Terrific Tuesday program I am doing Art and Craft, we just made little soft toys. They are so cute!! – Grace

For Terrific Teusdays I am doing Fashion we are doing alot of cool things.- Ceili

We made these tiny flat soft toys. I made an alien and its so cute and cuddly we had so much fun – Elma

For Terrific Tuesdays I do woodwork and I’m making a boat – Brandon

For Terrific Tuesdays I am doing woodwork and I am making a boat with Brandon -Lucas

Yesterday I went to Woodwork, I cut some wood with a saw and I helped others by sitting on their wood so it wouldn’t move- Antonette