The Ingredient

The Ingredient

2. We bake gingerbread men every year for Christmas, and last year a gingerbread man came to life.

3.Before I knew what I had done, I had drunk the entire contents of the bottle.

It was Christmas Eve and at this time of the year Leah and Sharni bake gingerbread men. “Mum, can we make them now.” Said Leah begging her mum. “Fine then, but you girls have to bake them yourselves.” Said there mum. They had put a different ingredient in the gingerbread this time. “Umm….. Sharni did you read the label to this bottle.” “No”

“Oh no! its poison!!! Just forget about it” Said Leah.

They were baked in the oven for over 15 minutes. “Uh Leah, don’t you think that this one looks different to all the others?”

“Hello! I’m a gingerbread men”

“Oh my gosh! You’re a live gingerbread men” Said Leah.

But the girls put him out for Santa anyway.

It was 2 o’clock in the morning. All of a sudden Sharni and Leah heard a loud and frightful scream! The girls took a look down stairs and standing right in front of their eyes. He was eating the live ginger men. “This year you girls put out disgusting food out this year” said Santa.

“Why?” Said Leah.

“You didn’t even think of putting out beer!” He said. But Sharni thought he sounded like her dad for a second. She took off his hat and it was their dad! He had played a joke on them.

“Go to bed” Dad said.

And they did.

In the morning they got a baking set from Santa!

And they lived happily ever after.

The end!

By Ella

Social Skills Program With Noosha By Ella

Session 4

Noosha paired us with a partner. We got a piece of paper and we had to act what it said to our partner. I had to pretend to talk about something I did really well the other day and pretend my partner was stupid.

Then we had to decide on a cake that we all like and if someone disagreed we didn’t get the cake but we all decided on a cake that we all like.

Because it is our last session next Friday we get a class party!!!


By Ella

Pot Plant Procedure By Ella

How to make Herb Pot Plants!


1 spade

1 packet of coriander

1 bag of potting mix

1 pot

1 watering can

Some mesh



1. Get your pot. Then put mesh at the bottom of your pot so the soil doesn’t go through.

2. Fill your pot up with soil with your spade.

3. Poke up to five holes in your soil. Then put a couple of seeds in the holes.

4. Cover the holes so you cant see the seeds anymore.

3. Put about 400ml of water in your pot

6. choose a nice sunny place to put your pot in. Water it every second day.

7. In six to seven days your coriander would be strating to grow.

And thats how to make a herb pot plant 🙂