Regional Athletics Competition

On Semtember the 18th Blake , Brodie , Erin , Inie and I all went to regionals athletics. It was held on a Thursday at Casey Fields. At the start of the day we all met in the gym at 8:30 my dad aand MR. Pryor took us to the venue. Brodie had the first event it was hurdles he came third by about 3cm , there were two races and the top two times out of the two races got to represent Victoria in state. My 100m sprint took place at 11:50 I came 5th it was amazingly hard hard. The next race I had was 200m i came 4th i had a better start that race i was coming first then I dropped out fortunanetly , I came one spot higher. The next race I had was 4x 100m I was the second person to run I thought I slowed us down because I had to fast pace races before that but still we came third. One spot away but we were still hapy with our efforts. It was one of the best and funnest days of my life!

By Daniel

Social Skills Program with Noosha

Social Skills Program with Noosha

Session 1
In session one we had an introduction to the program and Noosha taught us three rules, the first rule was listen and do, the second rule was be positive and the third rule was one at a time. The next thing we did was the line game. We had to step on the line when she said for example do you like Justin Beiber? The next thing we did was a team challenge. We had to step in the ring when she rolled to dice the first dice being the number of people aloud in the ring and the second dice being the colour of the ring. The last thing we learnt about was Big bullying and Little bullying.
Big bullying is where you call people names, hurt them intentionally and gang up on them.
Little bullying is where you laugh at their mistakes, give them a mean look and laugh at their opinions.

Session 2
At the start of the session we revised all the rules from last week. The next thing we did was a game called Healthy, Unhealthy and okay. We had to get a question and put it in the right space we thought it would go in we also had to get a score out of ten my score was 8/10. The next thing we did was a relaxing pose that was very relaxing.

By Daniel

Kevin Durant

Kevin Wayne Durant [ KD ] After playing college basketball for only one season at the University of Texas, Austin, Kevin Durant was chosen second overall in the first round of the 2007 NBA draft by the Seattle Super Sonics. Kevin Durant is a three-time NBA All-Star and three-time NBA scoring champion.

Kevin Durant now plays for Oklahoma City Thunder [ aka OKC ]. Kevin Durant was born in September 29, 1988, as one of four children.

These are the positions of the Oklahoma City Thunder Basketball Team. Kevin Durant plays as a small forward, Russell Westbrook as a point guard, Serge Ibaka as power forward, Reggie Jackson point guard, Kendrick Perkins as centre, Thabo Sefolosha as a shooting guard, Nick Collison power forward – centre, Jeremy Lamb as a shooting guard, Hasheem Thabeet as centre, Steven Adams as centre, Perry Jones III power forward, D Andre Liggins as a power forward, Daniel Orton as centre, Ryan Gomes as a small forward, Alex Abrines as a shooting guard, Andre Robinson as a small forward and Grant Jerrett as a power forward.


Born: September 29, 1988 (age 24) , Washington D.C , United States.
Height : 2.06 m
Weight : 107 kg
Salary : 17.83 million USD [2013]
Pts 28.1
Reb 7.9
Assists 4.6

Daniel’s Inventors Show

div>About a term ago we got  partnerd up with  our buddies and we all chose an inventor. I got partnered up with Jake. We made a video about the ipod .

Some people might think it’s a waste of time making a short video about but it’s not because you learn things on  the way. I learnt how to add a background with the green screen , I learnt how to edit my movie , I learnt how to copy my movie onto my blog and I also learnt how to use explain everything.
I need to improve by getting my work finished quicker , getting my movie on the blog , editing my movie and remembering what to say in the movie.
I hope you enjoy my movie.
By Daniel


Daniels Ipod from Berwick Lodge on Vimeo.

Thunder Struck

Thunder Struck

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Bryan Newell. He had brown hair , a tan and he was sixteen. One day Bryan’s dad Rod took him to see an NBA game to watch Oklahoma City Thunder V Detroit Pistons. At half time there was a chance for someone to win twenty thousand dollars. Kevin Durant put his hand in the box and pulled out Bryans dad’s ticket. “Yes! You won!” said Rod. Bryan couldn’t believe it his dad actually gave his ticket to Bryan. Bryan walked onto the court grabbed the ball and took the biggest shot in his life. The ball air balled and it hit the team’s mascot Rumble. Kevin Durant picked up the ball. Bryan walked over and said, “ I wish I had your talent!” “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard!” At that moment Kevin Durant’s talent switched with Bryan’s. That morning Bryan  tried out for the high  school basketball team , he didn’t miss a shot he was named team captain. A few days later Kevin Durant’s agent appeared at the door  he said “ I’m not saying you stole Kevin Durants talent I’m just saying give it back”. “ How said Bryan “ just say what you said before “ said Kevin Durants agent “ Ok “ said Bryan “ I wish I had your talent” said Kevin Durant “ hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard” said Bryan. The next game Kevin Durant had scored 72 points a career high and the next game. Bryan had played he didn’t score at all.



By Daniel

Long Weekend

Long Weekend

On Thursday I went to my friend Brodie’s house. It was a sleep over. Straight after school we went to a place called Bounce it is awesome. Bounce is a place full of trampoline you can play Dodgeball , Basketball and you can just bounce.

On Friday I went back to my dad’s house and watched the Footy.

On Saturday I just stayed home and did some chores and earned some money.

On Sunday my friends came over and we watched a movie called Dodgeball it is hilarious.

On Monday I went to the Footy to see Collingwood VS Melbourne , Collingwood won by eighty three points it was so fun.

Revolting Recipes

Revolting Recipes

You will need these following ingredients:

A teaspoon of spiders

Stale jellybeans

Stale marshmallows

Frozen peas

Cougar blood

You will need this equipment:






1. Gather all of your ingredients.

2. Put all of your ingredients in the blender.

3. Leave it on for at least 10-20 seconds.

4. Put it all in your cup.

5. Good luck drinking it!                            By Daniel and Luke

Edwin Flack Cross Country

On Monday 20th of May some of our school went on a trip to Edwin Flack District Cross Country.

Only the top ten in our House Cross Country made it in and 11th and 12th were emergencies. The people who made it to Division were Luke. J, Daniel.T, Tarah.P, Billy. H, Sam. N, Cav. P and Indy. A. It was a fun and heart wrenching day, everyone was excited, nervous and happy for their classmates. No one complained or got upset with their efforts. Mr Grossek our principal was very happy with all of our efforts and he was happy that some of our students made it through to the next round.

By Daniel and Luke