Camp Recount by Tiah

On the 8th of September 4T, 4P an 4R went on a bus trip to camp Rumbug but we did not just hop on the bus. At 8:30am I got to school to go to the gym with all my luggage to take with me on the bus, once I got on the bus and sat on a window seat so that I could wave to my mum. It was a 2.5 hour bus drive, we stop for snack at Coal Creek to play for a little bit before we all got there.

Once we all got there Jack came to speak to us about the rules and what to do and what not to do, he read out who was in each cabin I was in with, Kayla, Sarah, Milly, Makani, Lily, Kasey, Charlize and Jess. image

After getting ready in our rooms we all went down to the intersection but had to walk down a hill to it, once we had all came down we had to get into a girls and a boys line, we had to hold hands with a boy on a Fun and Fitness track it was a 1.7km run, walk or jog. My partner and I ran for the star until the first rocky hill what we had to climb, the next obstacle was climbing a rope ladder thing, through a muddy tunnel which was so muddy and amazing next was a wood swing walk, we ran again till a deep muddy puddle and where to teachers have a bucket of mud and throw it at you then you climb a really muddy and bumpy hill that was steep.

After we got back we had cold showers and I had to wash my hair, to get most of the mud out so that it does not go fizzy hair. After my cold shower we all had dinner, we had roast lamb with gravy and  vegetables. I had all of them it was yum. For desert we had fruit and ice cream yum.

After eating we went to get ready for our night walk I got to toast two marshmallows and got to learn the Rumbug song which was so fun.

When we got back I just got sight in my P.Js and into bed I was the first one asleep.

Robogals by Tiah

On the 24th of February I went to Robogals. The Robogals first group was the grade 4’s which was the one what I was in. There was also a different school, Glendal Primary School. First we watched a slideshow of different types of engineering. After that we had to get into groups or pairs, then we had to get on to a computer to NXT. After that we had to get a robot, then we had to make it go forward, back and turn. After that we had to make it do a square which was super dooper hard.

After recess we had to take the grade 4 Glendal kids on the ipads, we had to do  free time first, then make a movie. The first movie that we made was a Lego movie, after that we made a normal movie, that was about making friends and bullying. Our movie went for a long time but at the time it was funny.

Answer to our Inquiry Learning Question.

Last week we started our new Inquiry Learning topic – The First Fleet.
The children were asked what was the name of the ship that Captain James Cook sailed to Australia.
The correct answer was…..

The Endeavour
Captain Cook was given command of the Endeavour by England’s Royal Society. The ship was a cat-collier that was typically used for carrying coal. It wasn’t fast, but it was durable and could carry a lot of supplies.endeavour

Captain Cook introduced some rigid and innovative rules in order to keep his crew healthy and safe. He required his men to bathe every day, the ship to be kept very clean, and the bedding to be aired twice a week. He also brought lots of fresh fruit to keep his men from getting scurvy. These rules and planning helped his men to stay healthy throughout the long voyages ahead.

Congratulations to the following children who got the answer correct. Don’t forget to drop into the bank to recieve your reward.
Tiah, Charlize, Connor, Sarah and Harrish.