Should students be able to have a Facebook accounts if they are 15 or under? by Tom

Facebook is free on the app store for anyone to use.

Facebook is a worldwide app that people use around the global world.


I think students should not have a Facebook account until they are 16 or over. Someone can say that they are 10 and they are really 40, and they can hunt you down and do very mean things to you. People can also say really mean language on Facebook.

On the other hand Facebook has some advantages.

Facebook is not good for people 15 or under because people can send mean things and you could copy off him or here, and then not just they will get reported but you will too. You will learn a lesson if you copy mean things from other people then get reported. That is why I think that Facebook is bad for kids 15 or under.



The AFL Grand Final by Tom

On Saturday afternoon it was the under 14 Blacks in the Grand Final. I was so nervous because evereyone expected me, Richo to score all the goals. I was under so, so, so, much pressure. It was the end of the 3rd quarter with the scores being 89 to to 105, we were loseing. It would have to be a miracle to come back from here, and it was, the scores where 110 to 105.
“NO” I said
Bob broke his arm and we were only down by 5 points. It started to pour down rain. There was “1 minute left in the Grand Final. The coach SCREAMED. 4
5 seconds later Richard got the ball and kicked the ball to me I marked it. I was about 90 to 100 meters out. I when I kicked a goal! The crowd went crazy.
Next time if I am doing another narrative I will tell you all about the game against the Grand Final in the under15’s we SMASHED them!