Camp Rumbug®™

When we got into the gym we all looked excited. It took half an hour to get onto the bus because one got to school late. We were on the bus for about 2 and a half hours. We stopped off at Coal Creek for recces. I had a big bag of lollies and a can of coke. After that we still had about 1 hour drive so the driver put on Garfield the movie. When we got to camp we listened to the rules and the parts of the building. We also was put into groups, I was in Lyrebirds. When that had finished we had lunch. We all brought our own lunch I had a ham and cheese roll.

After lunch we went to our first activity. We did this one together it was called the fitness trail, it was 1.7k. we also did a mud run that was waist deep. After that we had afternoon tea, I had some cordial and an apple.

The next activity the lyrebirds did was Archery. I hit a balloon but sadly it did not pop. It was a lot of fun each of us got about 20 arrows each.

After that we went back to our bunkrooms . I was in bunkroom 1 with Louis.T, Ryan.R, Tom.R, Tom.C, Wayde.E Oscar.B, Liam.B Kalian.R, James.D and Declan.S. Then we had a shower, after the shower we had some time in our bunkrooms. Half an hour later we had dinner, we had a roast. Then for desert we had ice cream and fruit. We went to bed at 9:30 but our bunkroom stayed up all night so I could not get any sleep.

Next morning I got up at about 6:30 so I just layed there for half an hour until all my mates woke up.

For breakfast we had Rice bubbles/Cornflakes. For seconds we had bacon and egg sandwich, the lyrebirds were on clean up duty but I had to go to a meeting.

The first activity we did was the Initiative course we beat all the levels YAY!   Then we did the Giant swing but I did not go on it.

Then we did the draw bridge this was my favourite activity.




By Ryan.S 4CR