The Adventures of Daffy Duck and Jake the Dog.

One day Jake the Dog visited Daffy Duck to go on a adventure. Jake asked ”Hey Daffy, want to go on a adventure?” ”Sure!” Daffy replied, so later on they packed there bags and off they went. One hour later they found Mushroom City they met this mushroom called Fred. Fred said ”Hi, my name’s Fred and what brings you here?” ”Want to come on a adventure with us?” they replied ”Sure!” Fred shouted. So next they went to the Giant Fox Tree. They met Fantastic Mr Fox and blah, blah, blah off they went with Fantastic Mr Fox. Now they visited Fairy Town and they saw Charlotte the Fairy and again blah, blah, blah off they went with Charlotte the Fairy.

Two days later they saw the evil witch ”AH!” they all shouted ”ha!ha!ha! Im going to kidnap one of you and that person will never be found!” Smoke went everywhere, we relised IT WAS JAKE! ”NO!” Daffy shouted. Three days later they all went to Daffy’s house BUY DAFFY WAS SHOCKED! EVERYTHING WAS DESTROYED the grass was gone, the trees died and there she was the evil witch with Jake ”I will kill him!” She said ” I think not!” said Daffy with a fire hose in his hand squirts it on her,  she melts and everything went back to normal.

The End 🙂

Darby The Dingo Competition

Have a look at this fantastic artwork the students in Grade 4R did for Mr Grossek’s children’s book ‘Darby the Dingo’.  Mr Grossek has the children’s pictures and will announce the winner on Monday.  Stay tuned to hear who won  the competition and will recieve a set of Derwent colouring pencils.