Camp Rumbug®™

The one weekend where you want it to be Monday the Monday of camp. On Monday the 8th of September the grade 4’s were in the gym because it was the Monday of camp. At 9:00 AM when the music was going everyone was happy the only time people are happy about the music.
When we got on the bus about an hour of driving took us to Coal Creek where we had snack and stretched our legs. Once we got back on the bus we departed to go to Camp Rumbug in Foster North. When we finally got to camp we met the instructor (Jack) and the Rumbug staff when we went to our chalet we settled in and put our sheets on. Every chalet had a leader Wayde was our leader. When we were done Jack (A different Jack we called him Ned) took us to the intersection we got into our groups and went to the fun and fitness trail a 1.9 K run we had to hold a girls hand the whole way I had to hold hands with Freyja.
When we finished that we went to our groups first activity my groups first activity was archery I hit two balloons but they sadly didn’t pop. When we finished up with archery we had to head back up to camp we had a long walk back with steep hills whilst Harrish got to ride in the ute because he had stitches but I didn’t think it would be fun in the ute because you don’t get to the see the view when we finally got back up we got to shower and have some cabin time before dinner for dinner we had roast lamb and for dessert we had ice-cream.
The next morning we had bacon and eggs I got a hash brown because I wanted seconds of eggs but they ran out.
By Louis 4CR

My Holidays by Louis

On the holidays I only had seven main events the first being a movie, the movie was Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It had a great story behind it and it is my new favourite Marvel movie. My second main event another movie the Lego Movie, the new movie about Lego. My favourite actor was Bob Pratt the main actor I would give it a 9/10. My third main event was basketball.  I am in my brothers team and my mum and dad are coaching. My fourth main event was also news I am going to Bali on the Dreamliner with my family. My fifth main event was Easter we had an Easter Egg hunt, we found a lot of Easter eggs and we played with our cousins. My sixth event was the AFL, Hawthorn lost to Geelong 106-87. My seventh and final event was I went to my uncle’s surprise 50th birthday we did a lot. I mainly sat and spoke to my cousin Corey and his sister Jess.

Brute Force 1 By Louis

One day in the mountains Louis, Johnny, Steven and Skullcrusher were adventuring to find an animal, a Dodo bird although these fine birds are extinct these four still believed in them.

At one stage  Louis said  “This is taking forever” “Shhhhhh” said Steven then they heard rustling Johnny opened his mouth but nothing came out.

“A Dodo!” said Skullcrusher loudly and the Dodo attacked Skullcrusher he was dead… “NOOOOOO!” said Louis wait something is in his pocket “HELP!!!!” Screamed Johnny the Dodo was attacking Johnny Louis pulled out his knife and killed the Dodo “They are supposed to be friendly and there are many more down there lets’ go and take h-his body” When they got to Stevens  lair they ate and had some water “The note says kill Louis, Steven and Ryan check his body a blow dart he was killed by poison someone knew”.