Answer to our Inquiry Learning Question.

Last week we started our new Inquiry Learning topic – The First Fleet.
The children were asked what was the name of the ship that Captain James Cook sailed to Australia.
The correct answer was…..

The Endeavour
Captain Cook was given command of the Endeavour by England’s Royal Society. The ship was a cat-collier that was typically used for carrying coal. It wasn’t fast, but it was durable and could carry a lot of supplies.endeavour

Captain Cook introduced some rigid and innovative rules in order to keep his crew healthy and safe. He required his men to bathe every day, the ship to be kept very clean, and the bedding to be aired twice a week. He also brought lots of fresh fruit to keep his men from getting scurvy. These rules and planning helped his men to stay healthy throughout the long voyages ahead.

Congratulations to the following children who got the answer correct. Don’t forget to drop into the bank to recieve your reward.
Tiah, Charlize, Connor, Sarah and Harrish.