Camp Recount

Camp Rumbug

On the 8th  of September we were going to camp at Foster North, the camps name was Camp Rumbug. On the day everyone was looking forward to going to this wonderful camp.

On the bus I was sitting next to Cooper from 4T. During the bus trip we got our camp booklets like the other kids who were going on camp. We drove for about 60 minutes and then stopped at Coal Creek Café for a break, snack and a play for around half an hour and then we got on the road again. On the bus the teachers or the driver put on the DVD that Kalian absolutely loves, Garfield.

When we got there we all had to go to the rec room where Jack (the camp leader) told us the names of the staff members, the cabins, the activity groups which were the same as the duty groups and then we had to go to our cabins and get changed for our first activity which was the fun and fitness trail. At first I thought we did it alone but then I found out that we had to complete it by holding hands with a girl.


Then we went to our first activities, my group did the Titanic raft. At this activity we only had wombat paddles to move the raft and we had to make it to one side to the other with just them and it was really tricky. At least I came up with an awesome trick to conquer it really easily, but sadly my friend Harrish had  four stitches in his foot so he couldn’t do that fun and challenging activity. That night we had dinner which was roast beef. After that we went to the campfire and toasted two marshmallow’s each, there was one strawberry and one normal for every one. Then we went up to Emus flat where we found out why pirates wear eye patches and then we found out some interesting things about quartz rocks and then we went back to our cabins. Harrish and I were up most of the night until 3:00 clock in the morning because of Cameron snoring really loudly  so it was a really long night for Harrish and I. The next day my group did canoeing in the lake.


Robots are very efficient and effective machines that perform complicated and dangerous tasks. Robots can be very expensive to buy and maintain.

Robots save business owners a lot of money because they don’t have to pay them (except for the for the initial cost). Robots are useful because they help around the house and work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Robots could malfunction and hurt people. They also use electricity so even though they don’t use electricity you have to pay the electricity company.

I think robots are useful because they help kids understand how to programme Robots. They are useful because they can help people with disabilities.

Deg the Dingo By Ben

In the middle of the desert Deg the Dingo was out hunting out Eek the Emu ”Boy this is hard” he said to himself.

5 days later

Deg was  heading away to the bush. Once he was at the bush he found a camping spot for the night, but he couldn’t go to sleep it was too noisy. Then out of the shadows came a tribe of Aboriginals. The leader said ”We have been waiting for you Deg” then out of the shadows came Deg’s friends ”EEK,  KOKY,  PATTY!” he cried. The leader said ”You can stay with us if you want to?” WE WANT TO THEY ALL CRIED and they lived happily ever after.

Special Visitor to Grade 4R

This Friday our grade was treated to a special visit from Mr Grossek.
When Mr Grossek was IMG_2249 younger and in the begining of his teaching career he wrote several story books for children.

He shared one of his books ‘Darby the Dingo’ with the children today.  These books foucs on Australian animals and their exciting and fun adventures in the outback.  The one he read today even mentioned a charcater by the name of Ben who also happens to be a student in our grade.

Mr Grossek has contacted a few illustrators to draw some pictures for his books and asked our grade if we would help him select the best illustrations when they provide him with some examples.  The children were very excited to be involved in this decision.

As we have some very keen artists in our grade Mr Grossek and I put the challenge to our students to draw a picture of ‘Darby the Dingo’.  These pictures will be judged by Mr Grossek on Tuesday and the winner will recieve a set of Derwent coloured pencils.  Keep an eye on our blog where the winner and their picture will be posted for everyone to see.