Glendal Primary School Robotic Excursion

On Thursday 22nd November, 12 grade 3/4 students visited Glendal Primary school for a Lego robotics excursion. The people who went to this excursion Eric, Josh.D, Nick, Jeremy, Henna, Steph, Kav, Kyle, Lincoln, Ethan, Jamison and I.

The adults who provided transportation were Miss Rapinett, Mrs Smethurst and Mr Grossek we departed around 11:00 and got there 11:30 I was in Miss Rapinatt’s car so we got there second. When we got there we walk to the main office and then went to the science building and the Lego robotics kids were in the room they showed us the board that was the competition the topic was senior solutions some of the thing that they had to complete where putting quilts into place, a cardio machine, bowling, walking the dog. They showed us how they are going to do the Robocup the things  they were doing were quilting, bowling, fixing a chair then we had some morning tea then Glendal showed use the programing for there robots and then they showed use the course again.

Then we went to have lunch in the French room it was delicious.

We went back to school the excursion was awesome.