Bean Growing Experiment

This term the students in Grade 1/2 have been studying a new Inquiry Learning topic In My Backyard.

Through exploring their backyard and school ground habitats they will understand that living things live in different places where their needs are met. They will also explore what happens when habitats change and some living things can no longer have their needs met.

Observing life cycles of minibeasts and plants students will help them understand that living things grow and change.

Students will learn that living things have a variety of external features. They will recognise common features of animals such as head, legs and wings and will describe the use of animal body parts for particular purposes such as moving and feeding. They will identify common features of plants such as leaves and roots and describe the use of plant parts for particular purposes such as making food and obtaining water.

Two weeks ago the children conducted a bean experiment where they were giving seeds for butter beans and put them in a plastic container and some paper towel and sat them on our window ledge, watering them everyday.  The children have been monitoring the progress of their beans growth everyday and have been excited to see some changes in their beans.

Keep checking on our blog to see how much our beans have grown over the coming weeks.  If were lucky we may see Jack climb down the beanstalk once he has collected all the items from the giant.

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