Buddy Bear’s Big Adventure by Jasper

th8LB495GYOne sunny morning there was a big purple house and a big furry, cuddly and purple friend. His name was Buddy Bear. After he ate his yummy eggs, bacon and bread Buddy went for a walk to the woods.

Half way into the woods he saw a poor man hungry and sad living under a tree.  Buddy Bear said ‘What’s wrong?’ ‘I am lonely, hungry, tired, thirsty and sad.  The man living under the tree was waiting for someone to take care of him.  “I am 150 years old” said the old man. “Well I could take care of you” said Buddy Bear. “Well that’s very nice young man, by the way what’s your name?” “It’s Buddy Bear.  So do you want to come and live with me in my warm house?” “Yes I’d love to come and live with you.” So Buddy Bear took the old man to his house and took care of him.


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