The Lego Education Centre by Malaika

On Wednesday the 13th of May 2CR, 2S and 2C were very excited because they were going to the Lego Education Centre in the city near the Melbourne Star.  We got there by two Simcock’s buses. I went on bus one it was big and had a lot of seats.  The weather was bad because it was raining and it was cold.  When we all drove there the Lego Education Centre on the outside was not what I expected because it was smaller than I thought.

Meanwhile, Miss Rapinett, Miss Reed, Mrs Chandler and Ashley all were deciding whose grade would go first but during the talk all the grade 2 children could see inside of the Lego Education Centre, it was bigger than I expected.  Although, when the teachers were talking 2 unsuspected ladies came out, they explained who they were, they told us their names were Mel and Nerida.  Then 2S and 2C went inside meaning that 2CR got to eat their snack and got to go to the toilet……..

IMG_6007 IMG_5977

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