Dino Stars

On a sunny evening Dr Arshall created a robot to go back in time to collect a dinosaur egg. Josh was snooping around when the robot had arrived. Dr Arshall did some testing and said “It was a Tyrannosaurus Rex egg.” That night Josh Arshall went to the Grand Hyatt to sleep.

The next morning Josh went through the ventilation system. Josh took the egg  and went to his room. Suddenly…… the egg hatched. The T-rex made heaps of piercing noises. Josh named him Tyrno. Tyrno and Josh became awesome friends. During their life they had awesome adventures but I will tell you their first one.

One morning Josh went to Federation Square. Tyrno and Josh were lost so Josh went to the hotel and asked to see where his parents were in the hotel. The manager said ” They are dead.” Josh asked ” Can I get my guitars.” so he went and got the guitars. Josh played ” I miss my parents.” He got $35.00.

After 7 years Josh taught Tyrno and he was able to play properly. Josh entered Best Band Battles. Tyrno and Josh were DINO STARS

“The day of the Band Battles begin” said J1

“I wonder who will win” said J2

The Bands are Traspors, Dastematorors, Telvasaurs and DINO STARS!

The scores are:

Traspors: 23

Dastematorors: 27

Telvasaurs: 29

Dinostars: 28

The next morning a news reporter said ” Breaking News on the Best Band Battles, The Telvasaurs were cheating because the microphone made people show good scores. The Dino Stars win.

 The  End