Camp Rumbug

When we arrived at the school gym it was very loud everyone was excited and happy to go to camp. Then Miss Craig sent grade by grade on to the bus I sat next to Kailan on the bus. Our bus driver’s name was Andrew it took 2.5 hours to get there.

When we got there we had to sit in the big brander then we got to go to our bunrooms. I was in room 1 with Liam, Tom R, Tom C, Oscar, Louis, Kailan, Ryan S, Ryan R, James, Wayde and we got breakfast, lunch and dinner my favourite activity was the Giant Swing I went all the way to the top. When you get to released it feels like you are going to hit the ground but you don’t.

My other favourite activity is Archery you get to shoot targets I kit the blue area on the target. We also did the Fun and Fitness Trail you had to hold a girls hand while doing a course.

We also did Camp Idol Kailan and Freyja won. Everyone did a good job.

By Declan

Camp Rumbug®™

When we got into the gym we all looked excited. It took half an hour to get onto the bus because one got to school late. We were on the bus for about 2 and a half hours. We stopped off at Coal Creek for recces. I had a big bag of lollies and a can of coke. After that we still had about 1 hour drive so the driver put on Garfield the movie. When we got to camp we listened to the rules and the parts of the building. We also was put into groups, I was in Lyrebirds. When that had finished we had lunch. We all brought our own lunch I had a ham and cheese roll.

After lunch we went to our first activity. We did this one together it was called the fitness trail, it was 1.7k. we also did a mud run that was waist deep. After that we had afternoon tea, I had some cordial and an apple.

The next activity the lyrebirds did was Archery. I hit a balloon but sadly it did not pop. It was a lot of fun each of us got about 20 arrows each.

After that we went back to our bunkrooms . I was in bunkroom 1 with Louis.T, Ryan.R, Tom.R, Tom.C, Wayde.E Oscar.B, Liam.B Kalian.R, James.D and Declan.S. Then we had a shower, after the shower we had some time in our bunkrooms. Half an hour later we had dinner, we had a roast. Then for desert we had ice cream and fruit. We went to bed at 9:30 but our bunkroom stayed up all night so I could not get any sleep.

Next morning I got up at about 6:30 so I just layed there for half an hour until all my mates woke up.

For breakfast we had Rice bubbles/Cornflakes. For seconds we had bacon and egg sandwich, the lyrebirds were on clean up duty but I had to go to a meeting.

The first activity we did was the Initiative course we beat all the levels YAY!   Then we did the Giant swing but I did not go on it.

Then we did the draw bridge this was my favourite activity.




By Ryan.S 4CR

Camp Recount by Tiah

On the 8th of September 4T, 4P an 4R went on a bus trip to camp Rumbug but we did not just hop on the bus. At 8:30am I got to school to go to the gym with all my luggage to take with me on the bus, once I got on the bus and sat on a window seat so that I could wave to my mum. It was a 2.5 hour bus drive, we stop for snack at Coal Creek to play for a little bit before we all got there.

Once we all got there Jack came to speak to us about the rules and what to do and what not to do, he read out who was in each cabin I was in with, Kayla, Sarah, Milly, Makani, Lily, Kasey, Charlize and Jess. image

After getting ready in our rooms we all went down to the intersection but had to walk down a hill to it, once we had all came down we had to get into a girls and a boys line, we had to hold hands with a boy on a Fun and Fitness track it was a 1.7km run, walk or jog. My partner and I ran for the star until the first rocky hill what we had to climb, the next obstacle was climbing a rope ladder thing, through a muddy tunnel which was so muddy and amazing next was a wood swing walk, we ran again till a deep muddy puddle and where to teachers have a bucket of mud and throw it at you then you climb a really muddy and bumpy hill that was steep.

After we got back we had cold showers and I had to wash my hair, to get most of the mud out so that it does not go fizzy hair. After my cold shower we all had dinner, we had roast lamb with gravy and  vegetables. I had all of them it was yum. For desert we had fruit and ice cream yum.

After eating we went to get ready for our night walk I got to toast two marshmallows and got to learn the Rumbug song which was so fun.

When we got back I just got sight in my P.Js and into bed I was the first one asleep.

Camp Rumbug®™

The one weekend where you want it to be Monday the Monday of camp. On Monday the 8th of September the grade 4’s were in the gym because it was the Monday of camp. At 9:00 AM when the music was going everyone was happy the only time people are happy about the music.
When we got on the bus about an hour of driving took us to Coal Creek where we had snack and stretched our legs. Once we got back on the bus we departed to go to Camp Rumbug in Foster North. When we finally got to camp we met the instructor (Jack) and the Rumbug staff when we went to our chalet we settled in and put our sheets on. Every chalet had a leader Wayde was our leader. When we were done Jack (A different Jack we called him Ned) took us to the intersection we got into our groups and went to the fun and fitness trail a 1.9 K run we had to hold a girls hand the whole way I had to hold hands with Freyja.
When we finished that we went to our groups first activity my groups first activity was archery I hit two balloons but they sadly didn’t pop. When we finished up with archery we had to head back up to camp we had a long walk back with steep hills whilst Harrish got to ride in the ute because he had stitches but I didn’t think it would be fun in the ute because you don’t get to the see the view when we finally got back up we got to shower and have some cabin time before dinner for dinner we had roast lamb and for dessert we had ice-cream.
The next morning we had bacon and eggs I got a hash brown because I wanted seconds of eggs but they ran out.
By Louis 4CR

Camp Recount

Camp Rumbug

On the 8th  of September we were going to camp at Foster North, the camps name was Camp Rumbug. On the day everyone was looking forward to going to this wonderful camp.

On the bus I was sitting next to Cooper from 4T. During the bus trip we got our camp booklets like the other kids who were going on camp. We drove for about 60 minutes and then stopped at Coal Creek Café for a break, snack and a play for around half an hour and then we got on the road again. On the bus the teachers or the driver put on the DVD that Kalian absolutely loves, Garfield.

When we got there we all had to go to the rec room where Jack (the camp leader) told us the names of the staff members, the cabins, the activity groups which were the same as the duty groups and then we had to go to our cabins and get changed for our first activity which was the fun and fitness trail. At first I thought we did it alone but then I found out that we had to complete it by holding hands with a girl.


Then we went to our first activities, my group did the Titanic raft. At this activity we only had wombat paddles to move the raft and we had to make it to one side to the other with just them and it was really tricky. At least I came up with an awesome trick to conquer it really easily, but sadly my friend Harrish had  four stitches in his foot so he couldn’t do that fun and challenging activity. That night we had dinner which was roast beef. After that we went to the campfire and toasted two marshmallow’s each, there was one strawberry and one normal for every one. Then we went up to Emus flat where we found out why pirates wear eye patches and then we found out some interesting things about quartz rocks and then we went back to our cabins. Harrish and I were up most of the night until 3:00 clock in the morning because of Cameron snoring really loudly  so it was a really long night for Harrish and I. The next day my group did canoeing in the lake.

Camp Update

A quick update from the children away at Camp Rumbug Foster North.
We’ve had a great two days filled with activities, fun, mud and laughter. The weather has been great during the day and we have only had rain at night. Some of the activities we have done have included: The Scare Bear, Titanic, Canoeing and Adventure Bridge Climb. But the most memorable and most talked about activity on camp would have to be conquering the GIANT HILL!!!

We had some amazing dancing, singing and talent acts at last night’s Lodgie’s Got Talent Show.  The tied First Place winners were Kailan and Freyja and Carly, Second Place – Jak and Third Place – Deegan and Omar. Well done to all students who entered the Talent Show, we were certainly entertained! Even Mr Pryor put in a great performance in his fabulous Onsey (have a look at the photo below).





We wish all the Grade 3 campers, teachers and parents a great time and hope the weather is as kind to them as it was to us.

Stay tuned for camp recounts from the kids shortly.