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The Scarborough was built at Scarborough in 1782. The Scarborough formed part of the First Fleet, which commenced European settlement of Australia in 1788.
The Scarborough’s master was John Marshall, and the surgeon was Dennis Considen. The Scarborough left Portsmouth on the 13 of May 1787. The Scarborough was carrying 208 male convicts, and arrived at Port Jackson in Sydney on the 26 of January 1788. On leaving Port Jackson on the 5 of May 1788, companied with Lady Penrhyn. The Scarborough traveled to China. On 17 of May 1788 she landed at Lord Howe Island for birds and vegetables, and arrived in England on 15 June 1789.
This is a link to all the convicts on the Scarborough
The Scarborough sailed the First and Second Fleet. The Scarborough had 253 male convicts on 19 January 1790. Her master was again John Marshall and the surgeon was Augustus Jacob Beyer. The Scarborough arrived at Port Jackson on 28 June, 160 days out from England. During the voyage 73 convicts died and 96 were sick when they arrived at Australia.

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