Brute Force 1 By Louis

One day in the mountains Louis, Johnny, Steven and Skullcrusher were adventuring to find an animal, a Dodo bird although these fine birds are extinct these four still believed in them.

At one stage  Louis said  “This is taking forever” “Shhhhhh” said Steven then they heard rustling Johnny opened his mouth but nothing came out.

“A Dodo!” said Skullcrusher loudly and the Dodo attacked Skullcrusher he was dead… “NOOOOOO!” said Louis wait something is in his pocket “HELP!!!!” Screamed Johnny the Dodo was attacking Johnny Louis pulled out his knife and killed the Dodo “They are supposed to be friendly and there are many more down there lets’ go and take h-his body” When they got to Stevens  lair they ate and had some water “The note says kill Louis, Steven and Ryan check his body a blow dart he was killed by poison someone knew”.

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