Regional Swimming Tournament – by Liam

On Thursday the 27th of March I went to Regional Swimming Competition at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC).  It was the best but I am sort of angry and happy because I swam the 50m freestyle and missed out on first by half a second!!!!!!! I still got a second and still stood on the podium which was great.

Then, my next race came, the 50m fly. I came 4th by a quarter of a mm. It was a good result.

Then I went home  with my dad and mom it was great a day. I know I could of got 1st and 3rd and that is why I will train harder for next years competition.

Scarborough Ship Research

First Fleet



The Scarborough was built at Scarborough in 1782. The Scarborough formed part of the First Fleet, which commenced European settlement of Australia in 1788.
The Scarborough’s master was John Marshall, and the surgeon was Dennis Considen. The Scarborough left Portsmouth on the 13 of May 1787. The Scarborough was carrying 208 male convicts, and arrived at Port Jackson in Sydney on the 26 of January 1788. On leaving Port Jackson on the 5 of May 1788, companied with Lady Penrhyn. The Scarborough traveled to China. On 17 of May 1788 she landed at Lord Howe Island for birds and vegetables, and arrived in England on 15 June 1789.
This is a link to all the convicts on the Scarborough
The Scarborough sailed the First and Second Fleet. The Scarborough had 253 male convicts on 19 January 1790. Her master was again John Marshall and the surgeon was Augustus Jacob Beyer. The Scarborough arrived at Port Jackson on 28 June, 160 days out from England. During the voyage 73 convicts died and 96 were sick when they arrived at Australia.

Endeavour Ship Research – By Cameron

1. James Cook was born on October 27, 1728 in Marton, England. His father was a farmer, but as James grew older he began to show an interest in the sea. At around the age of 18 he travelled on a ship as a merchant seaman. Although he did well and was advancing in the merchant navy, Cook decided to join in the Royal Navy at the start of the Seven Years War.

2. It was during the Seven Years War that James became a master at map making. His ability at drawing, navigating, and creating large accurate maps was noticed by those high up in the Navy.

3. Cook was given command of the Endeavour by England’s Royal Society. The ship was a cat-collier that was used for carrying coal. It wasn’t fast, but it was durable and could carry a lot of supplies.

4. Cook set off for his first journey on August 26, 1768. His main objective was to discover the planet Venus as it passed between the Earth and the Sun. This would help astronauts to calculate the distance of the Sun from the Earth. He also hoped to find the southern continent.

5. Captain James Cook was not exactly on the first fleet. He was just the map maker. They paid him to make them some maps on how to get to Australia since he has already been there. James Cook made lots of money from making maps for the navy.

Harmony Day Celebrations – 21st March 2014

Last Friday 21st March, BLPS celebrated Harmony Day.  The grade 3/4 students participated in rotation activities which included Mapping Activities, Scottish Dancing and Teamworking games and challenges.

We researched our classroom heritages and discovered that the children and parents in the class come from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, China, Sri Lanka, Poland, England, Malta, Ireland and Greece.


Under Attack

These are the main characters

  • Bob
  • Harrish
  • Kaos
  • Kaos’ Minions
  • Master Eon
  • Skylanders

Once in a magical land called Skylands there lived these Skylanders. Also there lived this portal master called Kaos. Earth on the other hand was in trouble because Kaos was coming.

Down on Earth lived Harrish and a wizard called Bob. Bob was Kaos’ older cousin. Bob knew Kaos was coming and that was what Bob feared most.

Kaos was coming to Earth to put a nuclear reactor in the middle of the world. Harrish and Bob disabled the reactor in time because there was 1 millisecond left. Harrish and Bob flew to Skylands

Harrish and Bob called ” Skylanders where are you?” They heard nothing so Harrish stepped on the land and then…….. Terrafin popped up, also everyone else came from the Skylanders team. Bob and Harrish explained that Kaos was trying to blow up Skylands, boy were they mad. Spyro sent a search party to look for Kaos.

Kaos asked his minions to create a diversion. Meanwhile, Kaos made a gigantic robot which was 3,000,000 feet tall. Kaos tried to stomp on Terrafin but Terrafin did some quick thinking and smashed the robot to smithereens.

Spyro and Wash Buckler warned Master Eon to start looking for Kaos.

Gill Grunt ordered  all Swap Forces to swap. Wash Zone and Blast Buckler did all they could but had no luck. Trap Blade and Freeze Shadow managed to trap Kaos but, Kaos escaped. Bob tried to attack but got killed. Harrish used all he could but died by a lightning bolt formed by Kaos.

Master Eon used all his power to blow up KAos. Master Eon and most of the other Skylanders were sad. Super Gulp Pop Fizz and his brothers were missing. The brothers were in a lab. The brothers were creating a potion to revive the dead. They poured it on the graves of Harrish and Bob. There came 2 zombies. Pop Fizz made a potion and made Harrish and Bob back to normal.


The AFL Grand Final by Tom

On Saturday afternoon it was the under 14 Blacks in the Grand Final. I was so nervous because evereyone expected me, Richo to score all the goals. I was under so, so, so, much pressure. It was the end of the 3rd quarter with the scores being 89 to to 105, we were loseing. It would have to be a miracle to come back from here, and it was, the scores where 110 to 105.
“NO” I said
Bob broke his arm and we were only down by 5 points. It started to pour down rain. There was “1 minute left in the Grand Final. The coach SCREAMED. 4
5 seconds later Richard got the ball and kicked the ball to me I marked it. I was about 90 to 100 meters out. I when I kicked a goal! The crowd went crazy.
Next time if I am doing another narrative I will tell you all about the game against the Grand Final in the under15’s we SMASHED them!


The Adventures of Daffy Duck and Jake the Dog.

One day Jake the Dog visited Daffy Duck to go on a adventure. Jake asked ”Hey Daffy, want to go on a adventure?” ”Sure!” Daffy replied, so later on they packed there bags and off they went. One hour later they found Mushroom City they met this mushroom called Fred. Fred said ”Hi, my name’s Fred and what brings you here?” ”Want to come on a adventure with us?” they replied ”Sure!” Fred shouted. So next they went to the Giant Fox Tree. They met Fantastic Mr Fox and blah, blah, blah off they went with Fantastic Mr Fox. Now they visited Fairy Town and they saw Charlotte the Fairy and again blah, blah, blah off they went with Charlotte the Fairy.

Two days later they saw the evil witch ”AH!” they all shouted ”ha!ha!ha! Im going to kidnap one of you and that person will never be found!” Smoke went everywhere, we relised IT WAS JAKE! ”NO!” Daffy shouted. Three days later they all went to Daffy’s house BUY DAFFY WAS SHOCKED! EVERYTHING WAS DESTROYED the grass was gone, the trees died and there she was the evil witch with Jake ”I will kill him!” She said ” I think not!” said Daffy with a fire hose in his hand squirts it on her,  she melts and everything went back to normal.

The End 🙂

Brute Force 1 By Louis

One day in the mountains Louis, Johnny, Steven and Skullcrusher were adventuring to find an animal, a Dodo bird although these fine birds are extinct these four still believed in them.

At one stage  Louis said  “This is taking forever” “Shhhhhh” said Steven then they heard rustling Johnny opened his mouth but nothing came out.

“A Dodo!” said Skullcrusher loudly and the Dodo attacked Skullcrusher he was dead… “NOOOOOO!” said Louis wait something is in his pocket “HELP!!!!” Screamed Johnny the Dodo was attacking Johnny Louis pulled out his knife and killed the Dodo “They are supposed to be friendly and there are many more down there lets’ go and take h-his body” When they got to Stevens  lair they ate and had some water “The note says kill Louis, Steven and Ryan check his body a blow dart he was killed by poison someone knew”.

Divisional Swimming News

IMG_2309Today Liam (the Superfish) represented the school at the Divisional Swimming Competition at Noble Park.
He competed in the 50m Freestyle and 50m Butterfly and won both events! This is an amazing effort as the Butterfly stroke is one of he hardest strokes to learn in swimming.

Congratulations, we are so proud of you Liam and will be cheering you on when you compete at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre.