Robogals by Tiah

On the 24th of February I went to Robogals. The Robogals first group was the grade 4’s which was the one what I was in. There was also a different school, Glendal Primary School. First we watched a slideshow of different types of engineering. After that we had to get into groups or pairs, then we had to get on to a computer to NXT. After that we had to get a robot, then we had to make it go forward, back and turn. After that we had to make it do a square which was super dooper hard.

After recess we had to take the grade 4 Glendal kids on the ipads, we had to do  free time first, then make a movie. The first movie that we made was a Lego movie, after that we made a normal movie, that was about making friends and bullying. Our movie went for a long time but at the time it was funny.

Numeracy Shape Investigation

This week the students in Grade 4CR are investigating 2D and 3D Shapes.  These are the questions the would like to research further to find the answers.  As the students conduct their research and discover the answers they will post their findings in red, along wth their name.

  • Why does a circle have no corners? – Milly
  • Is a dot classified as a shape?
  • Who named all the shapes? – Lily
  • What is a 20 sided shape called? – Declan
    • Dodecahedron (Freyja)
  • Who made shapes? – Alex
  • Why do shapes have to be in pictures? – Ben
  • What is an 11 sided shape? – Liam
  • Why is a cube called a cube? – Jess
  • What is a 3D shape? – Perenise
    • A 3D shape has more than one face (Tiah and Cameron)
  • What does a dodecahedron look like? – Taylah
  • How were shapes discovered? – Harrish
  • Are there any 4D shapes? – Cameron
  • When were shapes discovered? –Louis
  • What is a 6 sided shape? – Liam
  • Is everything made out of shapes? – Sarah
  • Why did they invent shapes? – Tiah
  • How many shapes are there in the world? – Lily
  • What is a shape that starts with a z and ends with a z? – Ryan
  • Is there a 90 sided shape? – Louis
  • Is a straight line actually a shape? – Freyja
  • What is a 15 sided shape? – Taylah
  • Is a diamond a 2D or 3D shape? – Charlize

Darby The Dingo Competition

Have a look at this fantastic artwork the students in Grade 4R did for Mr Grossek’s children’s book ‘Darby the Dingo’.  Mr Grossek has the children’s pictures and will announce the winner on Monday.  Stay tuned to hear who won  the competition and will recieve a set of Derwent colouring pencils.

Deg the Dingo By Ben

In the middle of the desert Deg the Dingo was out hunting out Eek the Emu ”Boy this is hard” he said to himself.

5 days later

Deg was  heading away to the bush. Once he was at the bush he found a camping spot for the night, but he couldn’t go to sleep it was too noisy. Then out of the shadows came a tribe of Aboriginals. The leader said ”We have been waiting for you Deg” then out of the shadows came Deg’s friends ”EEK,  KOKY,  PATTY!” he cried. The leader said ”You can stay with us if you want to?” WE WANT TO THEY ALL CRIED and they lived happily ever after.

Answer to our Inquiry Learning Question.

Last week we started our new Inquiry Learning topic – The First Fleet.
The children were asked what was the name of the ship that Captain James Cook sailed to Australia.
The correct answer was…..

The Endeavour
Captain Cook was given command of the Endeavour by England’s Royal Society. The ship was a cat-collier that was typically used for carrying coal. It wasn’t fast, but it was durable and could carry a lot of supplies.endeavour

Captain Cook introduced some rigid and innovative rules in order to keep his crew healthy and safe. He required his men to bathe every day, the ship to be kept very clean, and the bedding to be aired twice a week. He also brought lots of fresh fruit to keep his men from getting scurvy. These rules and planning helped his men to stay healthy throughout the long voyages ahead.

Congratulations to the following children who got the answer correct. Don’t forget to drop into the bank to recieve your reward.
Tiah, Charlize, Connor, Sarah and Harrish.

Somers Camp

IMG_2275Today I went and visited the students and teachers at Lord Somers Camp.  Berwick Lodge Primary School has been sending students to Somers Camp for a number of years now.
Today the sun was out for families and friends to visit their children, look around the fantastic facilities and enjoy lunch together.  Some of the activities the children get to participate in while at Somers are rock climbing, environmental education, art, surfing, boating, flying fox and the giant swing.  Darragh from 4R was fortunate to be selected to attend the camp this year.  We can’t wait for Darragh, Miss Craig, Mr Pryor and Miss Old to return on Wednesday and look forward to reading about Darragh’s exciting time away.
Keep an eye on our blog site for Darragh’s report.

Grade 4R Photoshoot

Last week I took a photo of the cutest grade at BLPS before our official school photographs.  Unfortunately, we had a couple of special people missing from the photo.  Can you guess who they are?
The first person who can name the missing VIP’s from our class photo and post the answer in the comment box below, can select a prize from the prize box and 10 Lodgie Awards.


Special Visitor to Grade 4R

This Friday our grade was treated to a special visit from Mr Grossek.
When Mr Grossek was IMG_2249 younger and in the begining of his teaching career he wrote several story books for children.

He shared one of his books ‘Darby the Dingo’ with the children today.  These books foucs on Australian animals and their exciting and fun adventures in the outback.  The one he read today even mentioned a charcater by the name of Ben who also happens to be a student in our grade.

Mr Grossek has contacted a few illustrators to draw some pictures for his books and asked our grade if we would help him select the best illustrations when they provide him with some examples.  The children were very excited to be involved in this decision.

As we have some very keen artists in our grade Mr Grossek and I put the challenge to our students to draw a picture of ‘Darby the Dingo’.  These pictures will be judged by Mr Grossek on Tuesday and the winner will recieve a set of Derwent coloured pencils.  Keep an eye on our blog where the winner and their picture will be posted for everyone to see.

2014 Junior School Council Representatives.

IMG_2216Miss Craig and I are proud to announce the Junior School Council Representatives for Grade 4CR are Ryan and Tiah.
The students presented outstanding speeches and were voted for by their peers. Tomorrow Ryan and Tiah are going to post some information about themselves and give you an insight into some of the suggestions / ideas they have for the Junior School Council this year.  After reading their posts, you may like to add a comment or make some suggestions for them to take to their first JSC meeting with Miss Tan and Miss Tappy on Friday.

Congratulations Tiah and Ryan.




Introducing Tiah

Hi 4CR as most of you know my name is Tiah, I am 10 years old and I would love to be on the JSC for 2014.

If you elect me to be one of our class JSC members for this year, I will make sure all of your ideas and suggestions are told at the meetings and come back and tell the class anything the JSC has decided. I will make sure that I will report back to our class on everything that is important to us.

I also have some really cool ideas, like different dress up days, different fun group activities for everyone to do at lunch time, crazy hair and clothes days. Special yummy food days, and hopefully lots more things.

I am very honest, friendly and responsible and I would be very proud and really, really excited to be a part of the JSC this year for the BEST class in the whole school  4CR.

Thank you for listening to my speech.

Introducing Ryan

Hello my name is Ryan and I am 9 years old. My goal this year is to be JSC I am willing to give up all the time in the world to reach this goal.

My hobbies are sport and doing research on animals, I know that I will have to go to meetings during lunch but I would rather represent the class than play and if you guys vote for me I swear I will do a good job.

So please help me reach my goal it is not just my goal it is also my dream to be JSC for this year. I have been in LEEP for 1 year so I have a little bit of experience.

Good luck to the rest of you and remember I’m Ryan.