Planning Day Activity with Mrs Froelich – Wednesday 11th December

Hi parents and children of Grade 4R

Next Wednesday is Planning Day and Mrs Froelich will be taking our grade for the day.  She would like to do a special memories book with our students and sent the children the following message.

On Wednesday we are going to make memory books. Can the kids please bring in any photos or things they would like to add to their book. It can be from things they have done during the year, holidays, special occasions etc. It can be from school or from home. If they want to bring in stickers etc to add on or scrap booking things they can.

We are going to use some paint because I want them to put their hand print on a page if I can?

If you could tell the kids today then they have a week to get organised.

Thank you,
Mrs Froelich

County Fair – Thursday 5th December

County Fair will be held on Thursday the 5th of December, the time it will be run to is 11:30 to 1:30. Here are some of the  prices of games, food and rides.

Pick the nose -50c for 1 pick and $1.00 for 3 picks

Fairy Floss -$2.50 for a small bag and $3.50 for a large bag

Dunk Machine -$1.00 for 1 throw $1.50 for 2 throws

Lucky dip -$1.00 for 1 $1.50 for 2 $2.00 for 3

Billy Cart rides -50c for 1 lap and $1.00 for 2

Friend Ship bracelets -$1.00 for 1 $2.00 for 2

Christmas cards -50c for 1 $1.00 for 2

Stress balls -$1.00 each

Balloon Darts -$1.00 for 5 throws

These are just some of the games, foods and rides at the County Fair hope we see you there!!!!!

By Jacinta and Tiah 🙂



Before l knew what l had done. I had drunk the entire contents of the bottle.

One day l woke up it was one of the worst day of my life l had activated a portal with  monsters it took 7 days 6 hours 32 min 5 seconds to kill the first one more came we now  it was not going to end. So we built a robot the next monster came. It was the biggest so far. It was in the water I was attack . I was under water I swam under the water and found a portal I jump in to the portal. I had blow up the portal  so no monster can came in my world I had to activated the bomb 321 boom the portal was close. The end.

Rock Alien Max

Being a rockstar was hard…..

But in out-of-space there was a very different alien  his name was Max and he dreamed that he will one day be a rockstar. He had really good hearing aids, but his brain got messed up by the sound of a lady SCREAM so he flew do to help.

She got robbed and she was a scientist and there was a robber he stole poison and poison is dangerous. Max thought ‘maybe my time to shine is now’. So he grabbed the robber and threw him into outer space, btu when the scientist saw Max she screamed and went inside shivering. Just as Max was about to leave an interviewer came so suprised and interviewed him for hours.

The next day Maxs mother the gingerbread mum said ‘dont worry your chance to be a rock star will come one day’, Just as she said that the rockstar came in and said ‘being a rockstar is hard work so you can be one for me and you’ll’. ‘YAY’ said Max “my time is now” , But he failed and tripped over his own shoe lace “i’ll take my job back thank you” said the rockstar



Year 4 by Tiah

Year 4

This year I am in grade 4.Today was my first day I was really nervous. But I am in a grade with my friend what I knew. But my friend was leaving next year so I would have to make the most of planning with her.

When we got into our class our teacher was there her name was Miss Rap at first was nervous but then I was ok. When I got a maths sheet it look very different then the ones what I got last year. When Miss Rap showed us how to do it. It was a good maths sheet.

When it was the last day of year four we did no work. When it was all most the end day and then the bell rang and every one rushed out of the door.

By Tiah