FLL (First Lego League) Competition

The BLPS Lego Robotics Team has taken a step up by entering a Robotics FLL competition. On Sunday November 10th 2013, we will go to the venue of the competition to compete against some other tough competitors.

We’re teaming up will Glendal Primary whom have a great intrest in robotics. They went to Atlanta to compete and took third place in this competition in 2009.

We still have a long way until the competition but I think that we should get building soon! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Elma’s inventor show

The TV changed our lives by let us understand things better as well as seeing things.

I think Philo Farnsworth was bored of listening to a radio and invented the TV for people to look at instead of hearing it.

I personally think that Philo Farnsworth  had a little experience with science because in his past he was an engineer.

I’ve learnt a lot over the past weeks but the most important thing is that to always try my hardest in every thing I do in the class room, at home or even LEEP.


 My goals for the next movie is to speak louder in the movie and to practise a bit more also to remember the lines and to knuckle down on my work.

elmas invetors project from Berwick Lodge on Vimeo.

Kyle’s Inventors Show

In Grade 4 L.E.E.P. we are learning about inventions that have made our lives easier.  I investigated about the car and its inventor by using Explain Everything, the internet and iMovie.

The car has changed our lives by introducing a faster, better and more efficient way of getting around. Karl Benz the inventor of the car would’ve probably thought of the idea from his wife/spouse. His general knowledge and his wife helped him invent the car.

I have learnt a lot from this project:

  • Lots of info on Karl Benz and the car ;
  • How to use iMovie ;
  • How to export information from the iPad to Google Drive ;
  • How to use the green screen ;
  • How to use Explain Everything ;
  • How to cut movies ;
  • How to export a piece of music from GarageBand to iMovie ;
  • And the most important of how to co-operate better!

In our next movie, I want to improve my speech in the video because I was stammering, murmuring in the video. You could see me shaking and nervous. I also want to research more about the topic.


Here is a short movie about the car or the automobile I have prepared for you.

Kyle’s Inventors Show from Berwick Lodge on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoyed it!!



Karl Benz the inventor of the Automobile

Jamison’s inventor show from Berwick Lodge on Vimeo.

This term throughout L.E.E.P. We learnt about an invention that we wanted to in a pair.

Kyle and I teamed up to learn and make a movie about Karl Benz a famous inventor.

We found out his date of birth which was November 25, 1844 in Muhlburg, Germany.

I think that I could make the movie quicker (the green screening and grabbing the movie to put it all together) but I can’t complain it’s pretty good!

Making the movie taught us lots of things like how to export songs from GarageBand to iMovie and put together into a movie, How to export a finished movie, Green screening, Blogging videos, How to collect and save information to google drive on Explain Everything and How to copy Videos from blogs.

My goal for my next movie is to remember the line and take our time!

M&M Activity by Reidy

Today in maths I did a M&M activity with Mrs Musco.
First we had to guess how many M&M’s were in the packet, it’s 15 but I guessed 12.  After that I divided the M&M’s into the groups colour.  Then I made a bar graph showing how many of each colour there was.  It showed brown had the most and orange has the least.  When we ate the M&M’s they were yummy.

Animal Information Report


1. The scientific name for the Jaguar is Panthera Onca.
2. It belongs to the mammal family.
3. Black Jaguars exist in the wild, the Jaguar can kill domestic pets and the Jaguar does not roar.
4. You can find the Jaguar in South America.
5. The Jaguar eats forest animals, domestic pets, the size can vary from a mouse to a deer.

My Glossary

Coat: An animals fur, that keeps the animal warm.

Hunting: People that get guns and kill animals.

Habbitat: The home of an animal.

Wild: The wild is out in the open or in forests.

Zoo: A busy place where there is lots of animals.

Teaching The Teachers

Last Monday, or the 19th of August 2013, some boys had the amazing opportunity to start teaching the teachers Robotics. We taught them the history of the Intelligent Brick and how it evolved over time and how to program the robots.

Miss Rap introduced them to the robots first. She told them about ABB (Robotics company) and how robots can help with the future.

After she explained that, it was over to me to explain how to program their robots to trace a square. I told them how to turn the robot on, how to use selection on the Intelligent Brick and program it to trace a square. Most of teachers understood, but some teachers needed assistance. They tested their robots and most of the robots worked!!

Josh explained the history of the Intelligent Brick and taught them how to use the more advanced software downloaded on the computers. He was more thorough than me for I was to quick for the teachers to catch up.

So they had a play with the robots and before long, Miss Rap called them back inside the classroom to watch a YouTube video of a team competing  in a Robotics competition. The teachers watched another video about a robotic Rubrik Cube solver. It was jaw-dropping that it actually worked!!!

Overall, this day was great, teaching all the teachers (including my mum)!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Animal Imformation Report

1.The common name is a Gorilla and the scientific name is Gorilla/Gorilla.

2. The Gorilla belongs to the Mammal family.

3. Here are some features about the Gorilla…. A gorilla moves on all fours with its knuckles on the ground, Their feet are characterized by the big toes which are less widely separated, and their hands are very broad and strong.

4. You can find the gorilla in some parts of Arfrica.

5. The gorilla is vegetarian.


HABITAT: where an animal or plant lives naturally.

BREEDING:the mating of animals to produce offspring.

SOCIAL: a gathering.

EXTINCT: not existing anymore.

WARNING: to tell someone about a danger or future event.

7. Here is a picture of a Gorilla



Animal Information Report


The common name is harvest mouse. The scientific name is micromys minutus. The harvest mouse belongs to the Muridae family. Three features on the harvest mouse are its head,whiskers and tail. You can find the harvest mouse in dry areas. The harvest mouse eats seeds, insects and some fruit.


HARVEST : The crop that is gatherd in .

NATURE: Leaves, grass, trees, water, sky and more.

ABUNDANT: Having lots of food.

GROOM: To brush.

ANCHOR: Something on ships that goes into the water to stop it from moving

Thunder Struck

Thunder Struck

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Bryan Newell. He had brown hair , a tan and he was sixteen. One day Bryan’s dad Rod took him to see an NBA game to watch Oklahoma City Thunder V Detroit Pistons. At half time there was a chance for someone to win twenty thousand dollars. Kevin Durant put his hand in the box and pulled out Bryans dad’s ticket. “Yes! You won!” said Rod. Bryan couldn’t believe it his dad actually gave his ticket to Bryan. Bryan walked onto the court grabbed the ball and took the biggest shot in his life. The ball air balled and it hit the team’s mascot Rumble. Kevin Durant picked up the ball. Bryan walked over and said, “ I wish I had your talent!” “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard!” At that moment Kevin Durant’s talent switched with Bryan’s. That morning Bryan  tried out for the high  school basketball team , he didn’t miss a shot he was named team captain. A few days later Kevin Durant’s agent appeared at the door  he said “ I’m not saying you stole Kevin Durants talent I’m just saying give it back”. “ How said Bryan “ just say what you said before “ said Kevin Durants agent “ Ok “ said Bryan “ I wish I had your talent” said Kevin Durant “ hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard” said Bryan. The next game Kevin Durant had scored 72 points a career high and the next game. Bryan had played he didn’t score at all.



By Daniel