It was a wonderful day especially for the girls. On the 25th of 2013, some girls had the amazing opportunity to go and learn about with the robots ( I was very lonely because I was the only boy. You might ask why I was the only boy because I was the photographer!!!)

Some kids from Glendal Primary School also came to the event to learn about Robotics too. Some helpers from Melbourne University taught them. I knew all the how-to’s and the basics so I was basically another helper.

I took lots of photos on a camera and took short films While all this was happening, an IPad taking a film of the whole session.

Soon after, I was getting bored of taking pictures of all the girls, so I decided to worked on my RoboCup robot. I attached the dolly wheel on to prevent it from dragging.

When it was time to eat snack, I got a goodie for helping. It was delicious, MMM!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Robogals Report

On the 25th of July four girls from each 3/4 Grades were selected to do a program called ‘ Robogals’ . Four people from Melbourne University and eight students from Glendal Primary School came over to do Robogals. The people from Melboune University talked and taught us how to use the Lego robots properly and some tricks, like how to use the light sensor and cool programing by the computer.

The session went for 90 minutes. We all had a great time doing Robogals.

By Grace and Nelia.

Sumatran Elephants (Library Program) by Grade 4R

This term Grade 4R has been listening to the audio story Running Wild by Michael Mopurgo in their library sessions with Mrs Radings.

This book is set in the Indonesian rainforest.  It is about a boy named Will who is saved from a tsunami by a very unusual elephant called Oona.  Will has to try and learn how to survive in the rainforest with the help of Oona.  Below is some information about Sumatran Elephants our students though they would share with you.

Sumatran Elephants are found in lowland forests close to rivers, although they may be found in hill forests on a seasonal basis.  Asian elephants are extremly socialble, forming groups of 6 to 7 related females that are led by the oldest female the matriach.

Here are some of the illustrations our students drew of the Sumatran elephant.


I’ve been in the Robotics club since Grade 2. Ms Rap, my teacher, has taught us Robotics for the past years. Robotics is really cool when you get to see the robots in action.

I have contributed to the Robotics club by building the standard robots, programming them and teaching all the children. This year, the Robotics Team have decided to take a step up by competing in a Robotics Competition called Robo Cup. We’d split up into 3 teams and compete to go to the District Comp.

My team (A) have started designing our robot, building and progressing onto the programming. We will compete soon and we have not much time left.

This is a wonderful experience and I hope next year I can do this again!

Footy Maths Q+A with Jamison

Q.1 Find 3 footy cardss and add their kikking averages together

A. 56.3

Q.2 Find five players weights, add them together and find their average weight.

A. 86

Q.3 Put the team names in alphabetical order.

A. Adelade, Brisbane, Carlton, Collingwood, Essondon, Fremantle, Geelong, GWS, Gold Coast, Hawthorn, Melbourne, North Melbourne, Port Adelade, Richmond, ST.Kilda, West Coast and Werstern Bulldogs.

Q.4 Add five of you favourate player’s game points together using vertical addition.

A. 75.4








Q.5 Each group selects 5 of their best cards with the highest average stats and adds them up altogether and whoever has the highest stats in the class wins.


Q.6 pick five players and put their date of births in order from youngest to eldest.

A. 14/3/88——12/2/90——17/3/90——7/6/90——19/12/90

Q.7 Find 5 footy cards and work out how many voewls are in your chosen footy cards altogether.


Q.8 Find five players and add all their kicks together and times the answer by 5.


Q.9                            A. Find the average of Dane Swan’s abillities (round to a whole number)                  B. Divide this answer by 100 (round to 2 decimal places)

A. for A.31 for B.0.31

Q.10 Pick five footy cards and order them in the number of years they have played. Shortest amount of years to the longest amount of years.


Q.11 Name all the teams with vertical lines on their jumpers.

A.Collingwood, GWS Giants, Hawks and Kangaroos

Q.12 Pick 3 footy cards and find their birthdays. add their birthdays together.


Q.13 Find 5 footy players that were born in the same month.

A.Rory Sloane, Patrick Ryder, Shaun Higgins, Beau Waters and Scott Selwood.